Welcome to DTime Rewards Point Program

As a respect of our loyal customers, now we are upgrading our MEMBER AREA as your personal page with us. You can login and see your order activities with us. Now, we add a POINTS SYSTEM when you can earn points from every successful order with us, and you can redeem it to buy another cool stuffs from us.

On your member area, you can see : ORDER IDE, AMOUNT, PAYMENT METHODS, ORDER STATUS, TRANSACTION DATE, and your REWARDS POINT. And also when you click your transaction (see red circle above to view in details), you will see the details of your related transactions with us. You can see TRACKING NUMBER on this page as picture shown below :



  • You must be our member by register as member of our website. REGISTER HERE if you are not our member yet
  • We give you dedicated MEMBER AREA page by login with your account, and you can see your activities with us, include your REWARDS POINT accumulated (see above pictures)
  • Rewards point is counted by our system as every products have POINTS VALUE that you can accumulate.

  • Rewards point can only be applicable on every WATCHES purchases, NOT other products.
  • Rewards point is NOT APPLICABLE for Auctions and product on SALE
  • You will get offer to REDEEM your points after you reach minimum 3000 pts in your account. You can see the offer automatically on checkout process after you qualified (have more than 3000 pts)

  • You CAN NOT do partial redemption, system will automatically convert all of your available points
  • You WILL NOT going to get any points on your point redemption purchase !
  • After you click YES on redeem offer (while you checked out), your points will be 100% reduced and converted by a system as a price cut on your watches order.

Now, be our member, and we will respect you more than others !