Before you ask many questions of how DTime works on taking orders and processing orders. Please take a little bit of your time to understand some points related to our website, our workflow, our processing orders, and our delivery :




  • We developed our website inhouse in our company. We don't works with 3rd party
  • All picrtures and video in our product listing are taken from actual replica. 
  • Every first pictures of products are taken from the genuine pictures. The reasons behind this are for having neat display in our website, and to give you chance to compare between genuine and replica at the same time. Second pictures on ward are taken from actual replica.
  • All pictures and material are given by factory agents and some of them we take pictures by ourselves.
  • Not every products have video. Some factories only provide pictures, some factory provide pictures and video. At the end, we will send actuall pictures and videos again after our Quality Control (QC) process before delivery.
  • To see some QC pictures that we have, click HERE



  • We operate our business from Singapore and Indonesia. 
  • We have our representative in China that works with factory's agents in China
  • We don't put all 4000 watches in our store weather in China, Singapore or Indonesia. Most of the watches need to be requested to any particular factories in China thru the agents by following our ordering process as we explain below
  • We keep some of our stock in Indonesia to be displayed for local market and for review purposes.



  • We DON'T deal with Cash on Delivery to any countries in the world.
  • We DON'T deal face to face with any of customers
  • All payment will be online based
  • Payment acceptance are from Indonesia. Not from Singapore or China.



  • Mainly we will deliver your order from China, not from Singapore or Indonesia. You can read more about shipping process HERE
  • Some of delivery could be from Indonesia if the stock is available in Indonesian location
  • Get better understanding about delivery process on replica industry HERE



  • Mainly we will give you China return address to cover any warranty
  • For any specific movement problems, we will give you Indonesia return address. 



  • Checkout process
  • Payment process
  • Payment verifying (maximum 24 hours)
  • Quality control and handling  (maximum 10 days)
  • Delivery submission to shipping agent
  • Delivery process by Shipping company
  • Read more about order processing flow HERE