This is very important for us. We will make sure that all of our products are water resist. There are some replica factories around the market, with different water resistance ability. Please check on description product to make sure the water resistance ability of your desired product(s).



                          3ATM/30M            5ATM/50M            10ATM/100M            20ATM/200M       
     Washing Hand      Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Raining     Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Bathing       No No Not Recomend Not Recomend
   Swimming      No No Not Recomend Yes
Diving No No No Yes

Not recomend means YES, but we recomend not too often


This water test method is very traditional, but it will be enough to show that our products are safe to face daily watering such as : Swimming, Bathing, Raining, Hand Washing. But again, we are not recommend to go for diving.