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by DTIME International on 05 December 2018


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Today we are very excited to have 1 of the most iconic model from Blancpain brands, Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 series. This is not 100% factory made like what Noob and ZF did. This is special project, limited edition, and the idea is to make refinement on this models. We are the only store given privilage to sell this perfect iconic piece. A Group of watch maker sit together, tear the genuine apart and decide to make upgrade on below points :

  • Bezel teeth shape and size on bezel is exactly same as genuine. ZF and Noob made is not the same size and details
  • Highly upgraded "Blancpain" side engraved of the case. This required extra attention to make such details and smoothness. The quality is far more better than other replica available
  • There is a gap between luminous insert and beszel saphire crystal. It should be like that on genune, while ZF and Noob make it stick to the saphire, with no gap in between
  • Dial marker are all upgraded with special treatment 3 dimensional shape, exactly like genuine. 
  • Special finished Sapphire without AR coated, but super clear as genuine. Just for your information that genuine is not using Anti Reflective as well, but quite clean. This replica is the best and closest one.


We will do comparison in the future between genuine and this premium build in our next blog. Now, you can judge all of these perfection by pictures. Please note, that this is actual picture taken from the unit. This is not genuine watch pictures. Here we go !


Again, this is not factory made replica, this is special project of some watch maker in China who dare to make re-finement on this replica model. This is the best replica of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in the market. We guarantee !



by DTIME International on 20 September 2018

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Today we will do a super quick comparison on Case, Dial and Movement looks of one of the most demandable Patek Philippe replica, the Aquanaut. Recently there are new factory try to make a good replica of this Aquanaut model which are P Factory and KM Factory. ZF is actually on making process and I will compare later on after they formally release. 

The main spot of this model are : The dial pattern, color gradation, movement looks, and thickness. Most of the factory have around 10mm thickness while genuine is 8.5 mm. Suddenly one of the factory called KM Factory (KMF) just made a good breakthru on the movemen thickness. They are able to modified Miyota movement to be as thin as Calibre 324 Patek Philippe. Their result is around 8.4mm thickness which is extra ordinary.

Besides the thickness, we need to look at other part of the case, movement and dial. Let's compare which one is better between KMF and PF :



A : The thickness (from crystal to caseback) of genuine and KMF is very close. While PF still have thicker case compare to genuine which is around 10mm. KMF is only around 8.4mm

B : However the case height if you can see on above picture, PF is actually closer compare to KMF. KMF is thinner as total case height, but thicker on middle case height (B Mark)

C : Crown guard width of KMF is very close to genuine. PF still too wide. Also the shape of the crown guard is better on KMF compare to PF

D : KMF also have better upper case height compare to PF

E : Both KM and PF have bigger crown compare to genuine. But KMF even bigger. Maybe the reason is to make the setting activity easier, because there is so hard to do setting on small crown

F : The slope of the lug is better on KMF compare to PF




A : PF is better and closer to genuine compare to KMF

B : Patek gold engraves on the movement is better on PF compare to KMF. But still smaller compare to genuine. KMF engraves is way too small

C : The movement of PF is based A.2824 and KMF is Miyota 9015. Clearly KMF have smaller size of movement compare to PF. You can see the gap between movement edge and the case is bigger on KMF (C mark)



A : Date fond is bigger on KMF compare ti PF. But still need to be bigger compare to genuine

B : Swiss Made is there at 6 o'clock one KMF, none on PF

C : Patek Philip logo on dial is better on PF. KMF dial logo still to high, seems the font strached down.

Dial details is about the same between KMF and PF, but the black grey gradient is better on KMF. Hour marker have no big issue, both are quite good compare to genuine.



  • Case thickness overall win by KMF
  • Dial details overall win by KMF
  • Movement details overall win by PF





by DTIME International on 25 August 2018

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Second place of the most demandable Rolex model is Daytona series after Submariner. Every major factories in China are compete each other to build perfect replica of this Daytona models. First success of this model in replica industry was made by Noob a very long time ago with 7750 modified movement, and then followed by JF. But these model have terrible problems especially on reliability. This is caused by the modification of asian 7750 to have seconds sub dial at 6 o'clock position. Thickness is another flaws on these first models, because they can't make thin movement to replicate calibre 4130 by modifying asian 7750.

Suddenly 1 year ago, ARF made a breakthru by making an awesome replication on these Daytona models. They made the first replicated 904L material with extra ordinary perfection. Not only that, they came up with an idea to make thinner case that has been an issue long time ago. But again, they have to choose between physical perfection or movement perfection on making replica. And, they prefer to make perfect build with reliable movement, therefore they sacrificed the chronograph features to make the case thinner and reliable movement. In fact, those 2 sub dial are barely used in daily wear of that chronograph watches. 

With ARF success, Noob try to keep up the game by making new version of Daytona model with super clone 4130 movement, very thin as genuine. However, they prefer to use 316L steel to reduce the price of movement development, but still, the price is higher than ARF. Physically i found no big differences compare to ARF, although i found the frame of noob subdial is too thick, but they made a good breakthru by making super clone movement which is very close to genuine. 

Watcing noob making some progress, ARF can't ignore that, they make another move to upgrade their first version. They are more concern of physical perfection as always. ARF didn't change anything on the movement. Lets see how ARF upgrade their first version :


Again as I mentioned that ARF is more concern on physical build instead of movement looks. And i will say that ARF Daytona is the finest build compare to other factories, even compare to noob. The feel of the bracelet is very solid, genuine feeling is there when you touch and wear the bracelet of ARF Daytona.

Another big issue on replica Daytona time to time is that the 6 o'clock marker is not align with 120 marker on the bezel. I can see significant move on this part, this ARF new version make a perfect alignment and fixed the issue. The bezel marker is clean and well neat engraved, and they have this since their first version.

Speaking about ARF case, i think they make an upgrade on the shape of the lug. Proper and correct slope with better finished of the case. All the details like crown logo, crown size and crown chronograph pusher are well replicated with no size issue. The side case are engraved with a nice details. From above pictures, i almost can't see any major shape difference between ARF case and genuine case from the front, side, and back.


I never change my opinion, ARF bracelet build is the finest among other replica build in the same model. The build is extremely solid, the fnishes is perfect, and the precission is extra ordinary. As you can see on above pictures, you will not going to find which one is ARF replica until I put the mark on the pictures. The flip lock mechanism is just perfect, no issue. 

Every details are well replicated by ARF, the stamp on the lug end part of the bracelet, and amazingly they made a genuine specs of the springbar, in fact you can use genuine spring bar to ARF replica build. 


Quite bright luminous, but still not as bright as genuine. This is happen on every replica build, not only ARF. However, i will not going to make this as big flaws since this Daytona model is not diving watches. 

By testing the weight of this Daytona models, Those fact really tell that ARF extremely focus on physical build. The weight is very close to genuine. The case weight and the bracelet weight.




  • If you looking for physical perfection of replica Daytona, i will never turn my eyes to other factories. I will stick on ARF, they are the bomb on the physical perfection. 
  • Again, ARF need to make a choice to make the price reasonable. They choose to make a thin case by sacrifce the chronograph features. They only make a stopwatch and seconds sub dial are 100% working, and the minute and hour counter (subdial at 3 and 9 o'clock) are remail fixed, not moving. In fact, these features is not even used on daily wear of the chronograph watches.
  • New version (V2) clearly seen have some significant upgrades copmpare to their first version;.



by DTIME International on 10 June 2018

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After I was impressed by GF made of Black Avenger, I now become more curious to see how good is GF making antoher replication of Bretiling brand. GF seems rapidly produced some Breitling models and throw them in the market. One of them is Breitling Heritage II 42mm size with rubber strap. I believe this is a very good decision to make wrist friendly size of breitling, because most breitling are comes with over 42mm case diameter. Let's start :



  • Perfectly replicated dimension wise. All details, shapes, and sze are perfectly cloned.
  • The blue color of the bezel, dial and rubber on GF replica are perfect, I can say the same with genuine
  • The only spottable flaw is on the size of the crown. Little bit smaller on GF replica

  • Nice dial finished supported with the crystal that can produce similar light effect on certain angle
  • Bezel marker engravings is nice. Same depth and very neat
  • Dial marker height is correct from what i can see
  • The bezel teeth is very smooth when you touch it. And there is a screw along the teeth as genuine

  • I can see from here that GF make this replica in a serious manner. All the details on the dial lettering are very very close to genuine, from the size, details, font style and thickness.
  • The hands size and dimension is almost perfect, except the lume area on the hour hands on GF is smaller compare to genuine

  • The logo is perfectly replicated as well as the BREITLING letter logo is nicely done.
  • Perfect date wheel size, with perfect font just like genuine.




  • Every aspect of the case details are perfectly replicated from what I can see. The most important part is when you touch the bezel teeth and turn it, it feels great and smooth.
  • The other part is the crown. Apart from the thickness different, it has a perfect detials on it. From the crown teeth and the logo. 
  • There is a slope (curve) at the lug end just like how genuine supposed to be




  • It is a common issue of the caseback pretty much on every replica with engraved caseback. The depth is not as genuine supposed be. Need toe be deeper and the fonts on every letter need to be thicker.



  • Normal replication on this part. Very acceptable flaws on the buckle engraves, and it is not the inspector area to spot the flaws.
  • Rubber strap is replicated nicely, great feels and very comfortable on your wrist.





by DTIME International on 27 May 2018

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After being busy talked about Rolex, especially Submariner model. Today, I want to pull myself a little bit from those topic, because there are other brands / model consider as best build of replica. Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79733N S&G 2017 By Z Factory for example, I am impressed of how solid they build the bracelet, it is beyond my expectation. Let's compare this model with genuine :



  • Simple diver dial is one of the advantage for ZF to replicate this model perfectly. In fact, i found no significant flaws on dial part. All marker, logo, and lettering are nicely replicated. Dimension, font style and thickness of those dial detail have no significant issue.
  • Date font style, and size are perfectly replicated, nothing to complain
  • Bezel marker are good as well. Very close gold color, correct font style and size.
  • Crown on ZF replica is a bit too thin compare to genuine, therefore you can see the stem on ZF replica looks longer compare to genine


  • Bezel teeth is another flaws after the crown thickness. i still see that genuie have sharper bezel teeth and deeper compare to ZF replica
  • The domed crystal is very nice, very close to genuine
  • Case shape is perfect, and the steel finishing is very solid, no sharp things on the edge of the case and lug. I am impressed of this part. 



  • As I mentioned the bezel teeth on ZF replica need to be deeper and sharper
  • Crown size and details are perfectly replicated by ZF, only the crown thickness is thinner on ZF replica compare to gen. You will be able to see it from the side of the crown ( top view)
  • Case shape and thickness is very nice, i don't have time to measure, but it looks very identical when you put them together. 



  • I can't talk more on this part, because as I mentioned that the bracelet material and finishes is very neat. Super solid bracelet feel, you won't find cheapy sound when you shake the bracelet
  • Gold plating on bracelet has produced perfect match of the gold color compare to genuine. 
  • The clasp details are perfectly replicate, no significant flaws on this part from what I can see and feel.



  • ZF choose A.2824 to replicate the Tudor calibre movement on genuine. However, ZF seems to be very concious to make regular movement without detail perfection compare to genuine. I believe this is because of the caseback of this Tudor is not displayed. So, the movement looks is not part of ZF development to be close to genuine Tudor calibre.
  • You can see there is no Tudor engravings on the rotor, and the rotor is different compare to genuine. I wont complain about this, because Tudor doesn't have displayed caseback. They choose reliable movement to support this, run with 28800 vph is simply perfect smooth move.


  • I have no complain about this part. All details on the caseback cover are well replicated



  • If you looking for non-mainstream Rolex brand, this Tudor might be your best option. Very reasonable price with super solid replication by Z Factory



by DTIME International on 11 February 2018

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AR Factory (ARF) recently being center of attention of Rolex replica enthusiasts. Their build is extra ordinary perfect compare to other factories like Noob and JF. Their build is very detail and solid, also some of their build armed with 904L instead of 316L. After successful with some of flagship Rolex model like Submariner, Daytona, Datejust and Sea-Dweller anniversary, they now build another model which is Sea-Dweller Deepsea 116660 "D-BLUE". How good is this compare to previous maker Noob with V7?

As we know that ARF is very focus on physical perfection instead of movement, because they prefer to have reliable movement, not good looking movement. So, i will not compare the movement on this topic. Lets start !



When i touch this piece at the first time, It is very heavy and solid. Good looking piece and blue black gradation color is totally good. One of the strength of ARF is bezel marker details. The dimension, depth and color are better compare to its competitor Noob. You can see how good when you see it closer as pictures below :

I think without having genuine beside, you wont be easy to notice that it is replica. Totally perfect and very solid build from case, bezel, and bracelet. Let's compare some part with genuine, see how good it is.



As you can see, ARF is very detail on every single part. The crown logo and Rolex logo are perfectly replicated. There is no significant dimension, thickness and font style differences. The dial marker are exactly like genuine.

Go down a little bit, you will see another perfection on lettering and printing of dial details. Correct green color on DEEPSEA word, with 3D printing and all those letter are perfectly replicated from the size, style and thickness.

Crown is something that you must see and touch how good is the feeling and how good is the details. As you can see there are some minor differences on this parts, but i will not complain more since those are very minor. Great feeling when you touch the crown will be good impression. Now, let's start looking at this piece closer !



As I mention above, there are no major flaws on this parts. ARF made a perfect dial with perfect color and details. How good compare to noob? I will say both are almost equal, but I still see that ARF slightly better compare to noob on this part.

There is another detail on the other side of the rehaut. Those are replicated properly by ARF. Font size is perfect as well as the depth of the engravings. I can see those are very neat from every single side i look at it.

This is the strong point of ARF, every piece they build have such detail bezel marker. Font size and thickness are perfectly replicated exactly like genuine. Depth of the marker is good, and the color of the marker is exactly perfect like genuine. What noob have on V7 is too thin and the marker color is more into grey, while ARF made it brigh platinum color like how it should be on genuine.

LEC is there at 6 o'clock position. It is quite easy to spot by the camera, but my camera is not as good as pro camera, so the dot doesn't look so clear. On the other side, lumenous is a must on this piece. Correct color, and those are very sensitive towards light source.



I don't see any big flaws on this part. 44mm case diameter, 17.5mm thickness (include the crystal) and 210 grams of weight. Those details are perfectly match with genuine. 



Very detail and neat, i can't feel sharp edges on the caseback teeth, and all caseback engravings are well crafted.

SEL is one of weaknesses of NOOB factory on some rolex model. You wont find this issue anymore on ARF made, those are very solid and 100% fitment to the lug. There is no shaky things happening on this part. 

Perfectly replicated. Very solid bracelet feel, nice brushed finished, and every detail are replicated properly by ARF. I found no issue at all on this part.



This is what ARF different from other. I have to say this movement part is some unfortunate. They use A.2824 based movement with lack of 3135 decoration, while noob is keeping up to make closer movement to genuine 3135 with their SA.3135. However I  believe they have good reasons why they choose this movement instead :

  • A.2824 movement existed in the market since the beginning of movement replication in China. Known as very stable and accurate movement working with 28800vph. This is probably the reason why ARF use this movement instead of SA.3135 which known as super clone movement but there are some stability issue on some production batch. 
  • The movement is not displayed, I believe ARF leave it non decorated just because it is hidden behind the caseback anyway. Not a big deal.
  • When you have issue with your movement, A.2824 parts is there in the market easily, very interchangeable with any ETA movement available.



  • ARF has made the this piece almost flawless physically. 
  • If you looking for perfect physical details, you must go for ARF
  • If you want closer looks movement to genuine, you must go for Noob factory, but it wont be as reliable as regular movement as ARF use.



by DTIME International on 20 January 2018

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After I talked about all perfections of  Rolex Daytona 116520 build, made by AR Factory (ARF). Finally now i got the chance to do closer looks on another perfect daytona build from ARF ; Daytona Cosmograph 116500 Baselworld 2016. ARF now leading the market on some Rolexes ; Submariner, Daytona, dan Sea Dweller. So many customers bought those pieces from ARF. Not only becasue of the steel material are made by 904L materials (factory claims), but just because the build is so perfect and detail. 

There are some flaws from previous build of Daytona (made by noob and JF 7750) :

  • The case is too thick, because of they are using modified Asian 7750 chronograph movement. There is no way to be thin, all JF and noob have more than 14mm thickness
  • Movement reliablilty since they move the second subdial to 6 o'clock position. It will be lots more problematic, however, they fix this issue on the latest batch, but still some having unstable movement.
  • Small dial flaws : Minute hands a bit longer compare to genuine and font logo small difference.
  • General material issue of 316L instead of 904L.

Most of the guys said there is no way replica built from 904L, only rolex can make that. But I don't know why ARF who is just come to the market claimed that the material is made by 904L solid steel. I leave you to judge weather you want to believe or not, until you can proof it with proper test.

So, let's start talk about how good is ARF on this models



Another great impresson is come from the material, I am not sure if it is 904L or 316L since i can not test it with proprer steel tester. These are the best things of this piece when you firstly looks and touch and feel :

  • Solid build : you will feel like you are holding the real piece, no cheapy things come up. 
  • Awesome finishes : you can see all the details are very neat, and the shine on the case and bracelet are perfectly nice. I can see that ARF did something extra ordinary on case and bracelet finishing. You will have genuine feeling when you touch this piece at the first time. Far from 904L material or not, i can see easily this piece is way better compare to other rolex replica build. From the way its shine, you can tell its different from other build
  • Thin case : I can spot easily how the case lots more thinner compare to any daytona replica available (except the one from JF with not working chronograph)

Anyway, let's start....



This is always be my first inspection on daytona, because some other factories have big issue on this part. Again, its not happening on ARF, they're just perfectly build this consistanly without major flaws. All fonts are correct, neat and perfect size. As well as the printing, ARF also made the crown logo perfectly and very consitant from every batch of productions. Very close to genuine. Lets see details part of the dial :

Did u spot some flaws? As far as I can see, there is no major flaws on the face part :

  • Bezel marker are very neat from what I can see, especially on "UNITS PER HOUR" that in fact, some previous build have neat issue on that part. All bezel marker are perfect !
  • Generally, all dial details are perfect, the hour marker, sub dial marker, sub dial detail, are perfect from what i can see. 
  • Ceramic bezel is perfectly polished with very deep and neat bezel engravings as you can see on some pictures below :

As you can see on above pictures, all bezel engravings are replicated correctly. Very deep, neat, and correct silver color. I have nothing to complain on this part. It is just perfect !

  • The LEC is there, however my camera is not that good to catch it, but it is existed
  • No doubt about the lume, all good with correct color, very sensitive towards light source, and very neat. 




No doubt about this, ARF case is well build and very solid. Every details are replicated correctly and properly :

  • The crown logo is nicely done with no issue
  • The gear teeth on every button of the case are nice, no rough feeling when you turn it.
  • And as usual, ARF have well done SEL. It's very solid, and 100% fit placement. You wont see or feel something shaky on the lug end when you shake it.

As you can see on above pictures, the crystal height is about 1 mm, and quite acceptable. Case thickness without the crystal is about 12mm and with crystal is 13mm. This is way better compae to many previous replica that can reach 15mm marks. Genuine daytona is 12.3mm. Well, good move i think...



Can you see how the bracelet finished and shine? It's perfect !. The combo of polished and brushed on the bracelet is just simply well made, i have nothing to complain, and I am very happy with the quality of the bracelet

As i mention before, the sel on this build is just perfect. Very tight, no shaky things, even harder to pull the strap out. Need perfect tool to do that.

  • I will tell you something good about the clasp. The first feeling on opening and closing the clasp is extra ordinary, the mechanism is just perfect. This is something that I can not tell by picture, you can feel it youself.
  • From above pictures, you can see the clasp details from the front side. For me, this piece is extra ordinary neat. 
  • Nothing to say for the back side of the clasp, sand blasted as it suposed to be.




I am very exciting to talk about this part far from other perfection mentioned above. Because i was impressed by the looks of the movement, it is pefect for me. See some movement picture below :


  • Movement details is very impressive, all details are there perfectly well made by AR factory. I believe there must be some flaws, but i have to say this movement looks awesome. Armed with New Slim Asian Chronograph movement running seconds at 6 position; and decorationis platinum plated movement plate and rotor which are made according to the genuine movement. This movement will give the factory space to make the case thinner compare to 7750 previously used by other factory on the same model. 
  • Reliability i believe so, because they build this from scratch instead of modifying 7750 asian movement to make second sub dial on 6 o'clock position. What is the flaw of this movement? Very unfortunate, that this movement will not provide 100% working chronograph, the minute and hour counter will be fix and not working. Only stopwatch and seconds subdial are working well (you can see on the video).
  • How you see this? it is up to you, i think the factory have to choose, either make the chronogrpah 100% working well, or make the case thinner. I questioned my self, how often I use the chronograph in my daily life? I can say never. So with this fact, i will be happy enough to accept th flaws.


Lets see the video :




by DTIME International on 08 January 2018

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For almost 2 weeks, Rolex model by ARF are being on the top selling. Everybody love what they made, and in fact those are totally perfect. After some review on some ARF made, today I will go for one of the model for small wrist, or for women. Rolex Date Just 116234 36mm with 904L material. As we know that finding the best grade on women watches on replica is very hard, because most of replica factories are developing men's watches for some reasons. After I see and feel for the first time, I will say this is most probably the best women's watches on replica industry ever ! I have both silver and blue dial, and let's see how good they are !



As usual, ARF have this very nice box presentation as on all other models. Nothing to say more on this part, all good and nice



  • There is nothing to complain o this overal face parts. ARF made it perfectly from the material finishes and dial details. You can see the markers, the lettering, the dial finish, the date wheel. As simple as perfect !
  • Cyclops is perfectly magnifying 2.5x as genuine should be. Date font is correct, but slighly thicker on genuine.

Let's see it closer and compare it with genuine

All lettering on the dial is perfectly nead, I can't spot any rough things on the letter printing. As well as the details, ARF dialalso have nice finish with sunburst effect as how the gen should be.

  • I tried to take a really nice macro shot, even though it's hard, but I can make it as closer as the genuine picture of the dial (left). 
  • Rolex logo is superb, even the dimension, shape and thickness is exactly the same with genuine.
  • All lettering on above the pinion and below pinion are well made and well printed. Same fonts style, size and thickness. I believe you will have difficulty to spot the different even though they are side by side. 
  • The sunburst dial is there, but i just can't spot it on my camera, but you can see on other pictures to see that part.




  • Perfect lume, correct color and very sensitive towards the light source
  • The LEC is very hard to spot, but its there. I need to do better shot to get better dot, but I will say that one is existed.




  • The strong point of ARF is on material. They claimed that they use 904L material instead of 316L. However, no one make a proofs of that, but I will say it is very solid and better shine compare to 316L as other factory use.
  • The crown have no issue, nice feel when you turn, and have perfect logo embossed neatly.
  • Another strong point of ARF is that their Sel is totally solid, i can't see some major gap on the lug end, they are perfectly intact regardless you shake it harder.

I will say no issue on this one, ARF just made it perfectly.




Different from other models, ARF choose SA.3135 for this build instead of using regular movement like what they made on Submariner and deepsea series. I don't know why they do this, but with this superclone movement, it is just as perfect as genuine even if you open it. All 3135 details are replicated properly. 



No issue at all. 36mm diameter, 12mm thickness, and 125gram of weight. Exactly the same with genuine.




  • I will say this is the best small wrist / women's watches in replica industry EVER
  • Almost flawless on details and very solid bracelet.
  • Exact movement, very close to genuine. I hope this is as stable as regular movement as they claimed.
  • Top recommendation for you who looking for small wrist replica watches, or even as a gift for you loves one. Finding the best women's watches is very hard on replica, but this one is superb !




by DTIME International on 03 January 2018

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog section....

Breitling Bandit is one of iconic piece by Breitling, there are many people looking for this model on replica, but they won't find the best grade so far in the market. Until G factory (GF) released the new E1338310/M534 Chronograph Bandit model in perfect grade of Replica. I will do quick review on this on some important parts to compare with genuine. Let's take a look !



I don't see any major flaws on this, the matte grey color on dial is almost perfect, even though GF replica slightly darker from certain angle when you look at it. Case and bezel dimension I don't think any big issue on that, except on the bezel marker engravings. GF need to be a bit deeper and neater on this part, but again, it is not a major flaws until you put them both side by side. Let's see another shot of the front parts on below picture :

As my additional comment, I saw the Breitling logo on GF is not sharp as genuine. Date font size and style is the same with genuine, but I noticed that some numbers are slightly thicker (you can see on "0" number of the date). From this angle, I can't spot major different dial color, It is just perfect from me.

Crystal reflection is very nice, created a blue effect from side angle view on GF made, exactly like genuine.



Perfect case and lug shape, perfect crown guard shape, perfect titanium brushed material, perfect crown placement. But the crown logo on replica is too thin, and all pattern and engravings on crown as well as the button aren't deep enough as genuine. 

Titanium brushed finishing is perfect as genuine. The case thickness and bezel height is nice as well. But I spot something thick on the caseback cover as all replica pretty much have the same issue on this part.

Quite noticeable on this part. The engravings details have no issue, all letters and character are replicated nicely, but the depth of engravings is not as deep as genuine. You can spot easily that GF have light engravings on the caseback. I provide you another shot on this part :




Not a big deal on this part. Military rubber straps is perfectly replicated by GF. The grey canvas color and all straps and clasp details are exactly like genuine.



Very noticeable rotor difference. You can see the center of the rotor on GF is very different compare to genuine. There is also mistakes on the rotor engravings, not on Breitling engravings but below it. The font style on genuine is cursive writing, while GF is normal font style. I am quite happy with the movement details besides the rotor. With 7750 based movement, GF made a good decoration to replicate the calibre. 



  • There is no flawless replica, but this Breitling model made by GF is the best replica in the market so far compare to other factories on making the same model. 
  • Since this model consider as iconic piece, I will recommend you to have this as one of your Breitling collection. 




by DTIME International on 31 December 2017

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We have done talking about submariner and submariner. We need to see other extra ordinary build of Rolex replica. One of them is Explorer I 214270 from J Factory with SH 3132 movement. I always have magic rules on replica perfection. The more simple the features, the better build on replica. I believe this is happen on this explorer model, because there is no date, there is no chronograph features which potentially make more flaws on replica if those are existed. Another important point is on the movement As we know that this explorer have no date feature, but on previous replica is using 2836 movement which have date setting slot. As a result, there is 1 crown setting position caused nothing (should be date) on this no date watch. And finally JF build SH 3132 movement to correct this flaws, and the result is perfect. 

Let's start see this model in details :



The more simple, the better. That is why this replica looks extra ordinary good exactly like genuine. You can see on above pictures, that all the dial details are perfectly repliacted like genuine should be. Even though you put them side by side, you won't be easy to spot any major differences between those 2. Let's see them more details :

  • The marker are perfectly replicated. The shape, dimension, and the size are exactly like genuine. 
  • Rolex logo and font on JF replica is excellent. There is no noticeable flaws that you can see easily on this part.
  • The marker on replica looks thinner, but I am sure this is because of the darker frame (caused by light issue) on replica. If so, its not a big deal.

Until you go down, you will see 1 spotable flaws on "EXPLORER" printing. Replica need to have thicker font, as you can see that there is gap between words on EXPLORER while on genuine is very packed. This is happen on another printing : SWISS MADE, and SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED, those are need thicker a little bit. I am not gonna complain about it since Rolex genuine have many differences of dial detail on different year of production.

LEC is there as you can see on the first picture above. The rehaut engravings is quite OK, but a bit rough as usually replica have this same issue. Those are very acceptable still.

Perfect luminous on JF, same color production, and very sensitive towards the light source. 

I have no isse on seeing the crown part. The logo is well embossed, and none of crown & logo dimension differences between JF made and genuine. 



The sel is very tight, there is no gap as you can see on above picture. And when you shake the bracelet, there is no movement on the end link, which mean JF have perfect sel.

Nice clasp finished compare to genuine. Rolex logo on JF is nice, but the hole on the logo need to be wider, and the position is too low. I wont complain, there is none of 100% replica, and i still remark JF build is very good on this, as well as other clasp part :




This is the best part on JF Explorer I replica. They use Shanghai movement SH 3132 which is very reliable, and the looks are the best. As well as the looks, since they build it from scratch, there is no date gap as you can find on other replica with different movement. JF just know how to present this replica in better way.

All of genuine 3132 details are replicated properly. Rough engravings is normal issue on replica, but i will say the movement looks of JF SH3132 is extra ordinary close to genuine. 



No issue, 39mm exactly like genuine, 11.5mm thicknes exactly like genuine, and 136 grams of weight. I believer there is slight weight differences compare to genuine since the stainless steel material on genuine is 904L and replica is 316L. But its not far for sure.



  • Very recommended replica, almost flawless build.
  • The more simple the watch feature, the better on replica would be. This is happen on this model.
  • Very solid build on sell and bracelet, you want feel cheapy things goingon when you touch the bracelet. 
  • Perfect movement and stable by using SH instead of SA.



by DTIME International on 29 December 2017

Hi Guys, welcome to our blog section...

Rolex Yacht Master Everose 116655 is one of high flying replica on Rolex series. There are some factories building this model and competing each other ; JF and noob obviously. However, there is new factory come up with the same idea of replica builing, named as V9 Factory (V9F). This factory is quite smart actually, instead of replicating old production year of 116655, they replicate 2017 model of 116655. Therefore, the rubber straps (which has been size issue on noob and JF) is replicating new model with extended rubber link. Easier to adjust instead of giving 2 sizes of rubber straps. That is the idea of the gen in 2017 production. Lets see how good and how close this V9F build on this model 

  • From this side, i can see the 3D bezel detail is quite good compare to other factories as competitor. Those are well neat, with no font and height issue. 
  • Crown size is about the same with genuine, even if i still can see that the crown teeth on V9F have slightly wider surface compare to gen
  • Crown guard shape is a little bit different between V6F and genuine, I think V9F need to be more curvy to replicate the gen. 


Even though you put them side by side between genuine and V6F replica. I believe you wont find spot the differences easily. Which means, V9F is quite good on replicating this model.

  • Need to be sharp of crown logo on V9F. However, the 3 dots are correctly build. The middle dot is bigger to the others, while on noob made are same size.  
  • If you look at the crown guard surface carefully, you will spot that V9F is slightly wider

Very detail on this part, good reference number engraved, very deep and neat compare to other factories. You can spot a slight shape difference on the ref number plate, but it's not a big deal.


I guess V9F have better engravings details compare to other factories available. As you can see, all the engravings are perfectly build, very neat and deep. Even the crown logo engraved on the back of the lug is very neat. I didn't see case dimension issue on V9F, all good.


As i mention above, V9F is focusing on stamp, engravings, and small parts details. As you can see on picture above, those are well build and very neat.


This is major advantage of V9F. They build exactly the same 2017 rubber strap style of this model. The different between old style and 2017 style is on the extended rubber link intact to the straps. 2017 style have ability to adjust to fit to some particular wrist size while the old style is fixed and giving 2 differen rubber sizes instead. With this style, will give you more flexibility on adjusting the strap fit to your wrist.

Overall, i can say V9F is very good on detail engravings, embossed, and any small parts detail to make perfect replication. How about the movement?. V9F prefer to stay with stable movement 2836 instead of using SA.3135 just like other factories. They are exactly know that physical build is the most important part since the caseback is not displayed on any rolex model. 


by DTIME International on 24 December 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section...

Recently there is new factory produce some Rolex hot series like submariner and sea dweller, the factory name is VR Factory (VRF). As a new factory VRF need to have something better compare to existing models from other factory especially Noob as its known as Rolex master, J Factory,  and AR factory as its known as high quality material build. What makes me courious about VRF is on 116610LV green ceramic "hulk", because many people said that the bezel green color is made from japan ceramic with special coloring process, and the green color is better compare to noob or JF. 

Finally i have both VRF and Noob V7 on hand, and this is a good chance for me to compare which one is closer to genuine. I took some genuine pictures from ablogtowatch and other source to compare. Lets start !



This is the hardest part to compare because I don't know how to call the green color on the genuine, it's produce different color from different angle and light source. The result is sometimes I see these 2 factory have the same green color on some angle, but different on other angle. Lets see below pictures :

I try to get the same exact angle to see the green color differences. Even though those are very close, I still spot the different :

  • The green bezel color on VRF is the closest one to genuine compare to noob v7, but still too dark
  • Noob V7 green bezel color is too pale / dull.
  • There is no issue on dial color, both VRF and Noob have correct dial color. On certain angle its turn to black, but from side angle with good light it will produce sunburst effect on the dial.

After i put VRF and Noob V7 side by side, here is the result :

From above pictures, here are some points from my closer inspection :

  • Bezel engravings on VRF is thicker than noob V7. Which one is correct compare to gen? VRF is closer but still slightly thicker compare to genuine. Noob V7 is too thin.
  • Bezel engraivings color on VRF is silver same as noob, but I have to say VRF silver is brighter compare to noob and actually closer to genuine. Noob silver marker is a little bit too dark.
  • Both VRF and noob V7 have deep bezel engravings which is good.




Before I go further, I have to clarify that VRF is replicating old dial model (below 2010), while Noob is replicating the newest production of this model. 

I can see VRF is quite good on making printed logo and letter on the dial. Even though slightly bolder on the crown logo, i will still say those are very neat. The gap between "=" and "300" need to be a little bit wider, but this is not a big deal unless you put them side by side and do closer inspection. How about noob V7?. Since Noob are replicating newest production, the crown logo hole will be bigger, the "f" on ft is longer, the "0" is round instead of oval, and the "SUBMARINER" font is different compare to old dial model. Overall, both VRF and Noob V7 are very good on replicating dial details and very close to what are they replicating to.

  • If you see it carefully, both VRF and noob date window is different compare to genuine. The frame on genuine date window is very sharp, and the corner is straight not curvy as you can see on both replica. 
  • The font style on both replica is correct compare to genuine. However, date font on VRF is slightly thicker while noob have better thickness on date font.

LEC on both replica is existed. Not easily spotted as it should be like that. You need to have good angle with good light source to get it visible. How about the lume? I have nothing to say on this part, both replica are good on making this part as you can see on below picture :

Rehaut is always be flaws on any replica. There is none of replica have perfect rehaut engravings as genuine. VRF is slightly better on this part, you can see the crown logo on VRF is very clear and neat. But still, this part considered as one of the flaw on replica.




  • As everybody know that besides all noob dial perfections, sel is always be Noob weakness. It is not 100% fit to the lug end, always be a gap, while VRF made have better sel fitment.
  • If you look at it carefully, the gap between endlink and first bracelet link on noob is wider compare to VRF. 
  • As far as I feel when i hold the bracelet, VRF have better feeling, more solid compare to what noob have.

You can see on clasp logo, no need to explain more, VRF is closer to genuine on this part.




  • VRF and Noob V7 have 13 mm thickness from crystal to the caseback. Its not a big deal, since genuine is about 12.8mm
  • Genuine weight is 155 grams, VRF is 152 grams and Noob is about 141 grams. VRF is closer.




It's a huge different on this part. Noob have better look movement compare to VRF, they are mastering on this part since they use SA.3135 movement. This is what VRF different from other. I have to say this movement part is some unfortunate. They use A.2836 based movement with NONE of 3135 decoration, while noob made closer movement to genuine 3135 with their SA.3135. However I  believe they have good reasons why they choose this movement instead :

  • A.2836 movement existed in the market since the beginning of movement replication in China. Known as very stable and accurate movement working with 28800vph. This is probably the reason why VRF use this movement instead of SA.3135 which known as super clone movement but there are some stability issue on some production batch. 
  • The movement is not displayed, I believe VRF leave it non decorated just because it is hidden behind the caseback anyway. Not a big deal.
  • When you have issue with your movement, A.2836 parts is there in the market easily, very interchangeable with any ETA movement available.
  • The crown setting feel is way better on 2836 movement. When you unscrew the crown, you will feel solid click that the crown is unlock to winding positon. When you want to set the date and time, you will feel very easy to get the crown position, it is just pop up nicely. You don't need to try to find the right wheel to set the date and time as SA.3135 have those kind of issue.




Here are some bezel and dial pictures of VRF from different angle :




  • Overall for physical perfection, VRF is better than Noob V7 especially on green bezel color.
  • Noob V7 still win on the movement, because they use SA.3135 super clone.


Hope this blog will help you to decide which "Hulk" you have to get. It is really depend on which perfection that you looking for. Keep in mind, there is no 100% replica, there will still be flaws as the price always tell something.





by DTIME International on 05 December 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....

Speaking about Rolex Submariner, a lot of confusions going on replica industry because many major factories are keeping up to build the same model with different point of perfection. Noob factory is definetely on the top list so far with V7 build, but last month there is new factory come up with some good start of making some rolex models, named AR Factory (ARF). Some folks said that this is actually JF with another branding name, but i don't want to talk about it now.

There are line up made by ARF : Daytona, Datejust 36mm, Sea-Dweller and Submariner. I wrote my review before on their daytona model with good result of judgement. But now after long research, i finally dare to speak about how their Submariner 116610LN build compare to other factories. Let's start....



Let's talk about overall view of the case, dial and bezel :

  • The whole build of the case and bezel are very nice. Perfecly shiny and states a solid looks of the build.
  • It is very clear that ARF took the sample of 2010-2015 submariner model. You can see the "M" on submariner is thinner, the "f" on ft is short, and the "0" is oval instead of round. These aren't flaws, because they replicated the sub from 2015 productions or before. 
  • Overall ceramic finised is very nice, also the bezel markers are perfecly nice.
  • The teeth are nicely done with a good brushing pattern.
  • Crown as good as what noob have. No issue
  • Overall dial finished? I still keep noob v7 dial details as the winner compare to this one.


Speaking about dial, I tried to take a closer looks. Here are some points to consider

  • As i mention before, ARF replicating 116610LN 2010-2015 submariner model. You can see the "M" on submariner is thinner, the "f" on ft is short, and the "0" is oval instead of round. These aren't flaws, because they replicated the sub from 2015 productions or before. On the other side, noob V7 are replicating 2016-2017 production of submariner.
  • I don't have so much issue on the printing, the font style are the same, with good and neat printing. But still i will say noob is better on this part, no doubt.
  • LEC is the same with noob, you can see it on specific angle on crystal near 6 o'clock position
  • Crystal height is perfect, no issue
  • Lume have no issue, perfectly the same with genuine.


  • I will say that ceramic bezel is very nice, perfect shine as how it should be on genuine. 
  • Bezel markers are perfectly made, not too wide, nice depth, and correct silver color. For some reason i love this ARF on this side compare to what noob have done.
  • Pearl is there in a perfect shape and position, it is just correct as it should be on genuine.


  • Cyclops pretty much the same with what noob have. But i think ARF produce more clear view on the cyclops compare to noob
  • Date font style are correct as genuine, thickness is right, but need to be more neat. There is a flaw i believe, but hard to spot until you put this head to head with genuine.



This part is probably what makes ARF being the best build on submariner model compare to other factories. Noob is good on dial details, however they are not good on bracelet and sel perfections, always be a flaws. But with ARF, the sel is perfectly fit with no gap at all, you will feel it solid when you shake or wear it. See the sel fitment on below pictures :

I will say that ARF bracelet and sel is the best among other submariner build available in the market. Very solid feel, and there is no gap issue between those link. Those are just perfect and solid.



This is what ARF different from other. I have to say this movement part is some unfortunate. They use A.2824 based movement with lack of 3135 decoration, while noob and JF are keeping up to make closer movement to genuine 3135 with their SA.3135 and SH.3135. However I  believe they have good reasons why they choose this movement instead :

  • A.2824 movement existed in the market since the beginning of movement replication in China. Known as very stable and accurate movement working with 28800vph. This is probably the reason why ARF use this movement instead of SA.3135 which known as super clone movement but there are some stability issue on some production batch. 
  • The movement is not displayed, I believe ARF leave it non decorated just because it is hidden behind the caseback anyway. Not a big deal.
  • When you have issue with your movement, A.2824 parts is there in the market easily, very interchangeable with any ETA movement available.



I don't think there is major different on dimension, thickness and weight compare to genuine :

  • Case diameter 40.5mm same with genuine
  • Thickness of ARF made is thinner compare to noob. Noob 13mm, ARF 12.5mm. Genuine is about 12.7mm to 12.8mm. You can judge on this one.
  • Weight is very close to genuine 155grams.



  • If you looking for the best material and solid build especially on bracelet, we recommend you to get this model made by AR factory (ARF)
  • If you looking for closer looks on movement, you must choose the one made by NOOB factory. Now they are on V7 version after some development since the beginning of time they're making this model.
  • Read Rolex replica guide HERE





by DTIME International on 04 December 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....

Finally i have a chance to make this topic after long waiting of some factory could make this 116610LV a.k.a Hulk closely to genuine. We know that Noob has been working on it until theri V7 come up, but again, the green bezel color always be a flaw. It is very hard to make it closer green ceramic color to genuine, because they must be created from specific material with specific making technology. 

Finally end of 2017 is the best time for one new factory named VR Factory to release some high quality Rolex replica to the market and thanks for them for putting 116610LV hulk as one of their products along with 16610LN (wait for next review) and Sea Dweller 50th anniversary. VR factory claimed that their 116610LV are made with specific green ceramic material with specific technology of makin, the result they claim to be the closer bezel color compare to other existed factories.

Well, let see it head to head with genuine.



It is very hard to tell what kind of green color is that. And i believe there is still slight difference between the green color of VRF made compare to gen. Every angle will produced different color looks. In this angle, i still can see that the green color is better compare to what noob and JF made before, but still need to be a little bit brighter. At this point, i will say that the green color of VRF made is the best among other production from other factories. 

Lets see from another angle. Well, I can say very close color to genuine. Even i will say 98% same color production with genuine. Far from the bezel color, VR Factory make perfect bezel marker with correct silver color. When you see it closer, those marker are well neat. However i still can spot that the marker is a little bit too thick compare to genuie, as you can see on below pictures :

Lets move to other parts



VRF really learn from previous factory making this 116610LV models. The case thickness is perfectly the same with genuine, the crystal height is just perfect as genuine. And the when I touch the bracelet, they have very solid bracelet with perfect clasp details. I can say nothing i can complain on this part. 

Crown guard shape is nicely done. However i still can see that the crown gear need to be sharpen. 

This is not a complete review, only some overview that I take from China forum listed by VR factory. I will do deep review after I have it in my hand soon. One thing I can say, this is probably the closest green bezel color on replica ever. 




by DTIME International on 10 June 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our website...

Finally I got this revolutionair replica handy now, and have a chance to do closer look on this piece : IWC Portuguese IW503502. Revolutionary? why? because the calendar really working on this version. Date, Day, and month, are working on this YL factory made. YL factory well known as the maker of cheaper version of IWC Portuguese 5007 series. Unfortunately ZF leading the way on that version with some correction. YL factory claimed that this movement and detail decoration is better compare to their previous 5007 series.

First time on my hand, i really impressed with the build, very solid. And when I look at the caseback, there are clearly improves from the previous portuguese 5007 movement series, you will see by keep reading this topic. 

There are 2 major perfection on this model, from my point of view :

  1. Real power reserve, even only approx 48 hours (genuine is 7 days), but this is quite excellent with the power reserve indicator pointing on the right reserve left.
  2. Real working calendar. This is the first time after all for this model. However, please do not expect that it will be real annual calendar. You need to accept the fact that :
  • The date will always end on 31
  • The month will always move after 31.
  • There is no setting position to set the month manually, you need to turn the date wheel to get to current month. Only date and day that have independent crown manual setting. (you can see on video)

Well, lets take a look how good this replica is, away from the features.



You won't probably find easy the different on the whole dial. I think YL made this part properly with a good detail. The only noticeable differnt is on the font size of Month, Day, and Date. To make it more clear, i provide another picture as below :

  • The font on replica is too short
  • The font on replica is too thick
  • The date position is not center (maybe other unit have better position on this, i need to make sure)
  • I dont think font style is the issue on this, only the size have some flaws as explain on above points.



  • Except the date, month and day font. I can see perfection on other dial parts, such as :
  • The blue sunburst effect is very nice. I don't think the dial color is off as some guys told me. It is just nice
  • The subdial line is very neat. You won't probably able to see that line if you are not looking at it closely. Bottom line, those sub dial detail are perfect.
  • Hour marker is nicely replicated, i didn't see major flaws on that part
  • No issue on logo's font and size, all good from what i can see
  • Overall on the dial parts, YL is very detail on this part, except date, month, and day font size.



  • I like the way YL doing brushing on the outter side case, even some people said it need to be softer, but I love this. The brushed and polished combination on the case and lug are very nice.
  • I don't think crystal and thickness have major issue on this, since  YL use A23j manual wind movement, it won't be too thick compare to 7750 movement i guess.
  • Crown is very detail, there is no sharp feeling when u start to turn it. Crown engravings is nicely done !
  • Only 1 single minor flaws is on the crown thickness, it shouldn't be that thick, need to be a little bit thinner. But I don't think that is something that you should complain.



  • Movement of this model on genuine is Calibre 52850 IWC annual calender 7 days power reserves. YL still use A23J manual wind to replica this calibre. I can see some correction compare to the movement made by YL on Portuguese 5007 series before, but :
  • Black gear is quite annoying to see, it should be there on replica. But YL use gold gear instead of black.
  • It should be SWISS MADE instead of SWISS TECH. Exactly the same mistakes as 5007 series made by YL.



Beside those differences, I think YL also make some perfection on how the decoration are done, and how the movement finished. It is quite details and well build as you can see on below pictures :

All engravings on rotor are well neat. The movement textures also very details from what I can see. Gold engraves are nicely done, except the "Swiss Tech" flaw, and the gold gear that should be black as genuine it is.



Nothing to complain. As always replica using crocodile embossed, but I think still quite nice and acceptable as a strap. The curvy lug is there as genuine. The buckle? very details, no complain !



This is the most interesting parts on this replica since YL made a good breakthru this year by making this perfect model working well. I provide you the video how to set the day, date, and month on this model 

There are some notes :

  • Power reserve indicator is working perfectly. By turn the crown (without un-screw) clockwise you will see the hands is moving from empty to full (7 mark). Please do not over winding. Stop after the indicator reach 7 days mark. And wind it again after the indicator on red area.
  • Do not expect the power reserve will be 7 days. After my test, it is only 48 hours straight with no issue. The indicator is pointing to the right marker, so you will know when the power is empty. You won't be misled by the indicator.
  • Pull the crown to the first position to set the date and day. Turn clockwise to set the date and the month. Month will move after you reach date 31. So you can not set the month manually, you need to turn date by date until reaching the correct month. Turn the crown anti-clockwise to set the day.
  • As video above, you can see that on normal situation everyday, the date will start moving when the hour hands @10 o'clock, and will be perfectly align @12 o'clock. Do not be surprise if you didn't see the day moving, because it will start moving @ 2 o'clock.



  • The more complicated the watch, the more hard to be replicated. Sometimes you need to accept some flaws on replica especially on complicated model. Remember the price will always tell something. Do not expect 100% exactly like genuine.
  • Overall, YL has made this model replicated nicely, especially with the working features of day, date, and month, also power reserve. 



by DTIME International on 05 June 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Recently there is one factory called JJ factory (which is most of replica lovers rarely hear this name of factory) just launched a new replica of Hublot Classic Fusion 542.NX.7170.LR 42mm with a very nice details and perfection. From the front, side to the back has been replicated properly. How good is that? Let see from each part and compare it with the genuine.

The dimension is replicated perfectly, and maybe it is not too hard for JJ factory to make a good replication on the front side, since this model have very simple face details. I don't think case have any major flaws, unless you look at it carefully, and put it side by side with genuine. The bezel details is good, and the crown height is correct just like the genuine. The material is perfecly replicated by using real brushed titanium.

Thickness is usually the issue of the replica, but I think JJ factory just made it, the thickness is roughly the same with genuine which is 9.5mm. When u look at the bezel height, I also can's see major flaws on that part. Crown logo? I can say good, even the logo engravings is not as deep as the gen, but it still very acceptable.

Look at the back side now. The caseback cover is fine, nicely done with brushed titanium material. And when you look at the decoration on the movement, you will net find any major different when you put it side by side. Lets do closer look on this one

Font size on "Titanium" words is thicker on replica, but it is very acceptable.

There are some differences when you compare genuine with replica from JJ factory :

  • The "HUBLOT" on the rotor is slightly thinner on replica
  • Most of the screw on replica is smaller compare to genuine
  • "METAL" word placed differently. Genuine is on the movement edge, and replica is on the caseback

Lets see it even closer :

The main gear size is smaller on replica, and the brushed finished is slightly different. The screw beside the main gear is clearly smaller compare to gen. The "H" logo is shorter on replica, and the engraves is deeper on genuine for sure.

Very nice replication from what i can see. Besides the details font size, I will say overall is very nice and very details. The flaws is very acceptable.

I dont think this part is debatbable. The buckle is nicely replicated, and I believe there is small differences, but nothing to complain on this part. 

So after I compare physical differences between genuine and replica from JJ factory, I think this replica is worthy to have. With price tag aroung $448, you can have perfect replica with full of perfection. Small acceptable flaws is there and you can think about the price gap that you pay. If you can't accept those small flaws, you better buy genuine watches.


by DTIME International on 02 June 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Breitling replica recently flood the market in China. There are some factories created some good breitling famous models pretty much in the same time, such as navitimer, super ocean, avenger etc. After we review 1 good breitling from G Factory, now we try to make the other comparison on Breitling Avenger II A3239011 GMT model, recently made by G Factory. As this model is very simple model with GMT features, it shouldn't be too complicated to be replicated properly. Let's see..


If you can imagine when you put both replica and genuine side by side as picture above. Without inspecting closer, I believer you won't be able to spot which one is genuine, which one is replica. It is very close in dimension and details. But again, its only far away view, let's get closer.



There are some points i spotted from above pictures on dial parts :

  • I love the brushed bezel, which i think it is very close to genuine. However, when you see the bar marker (not the number) on the bezel, you will feel a little bit thinner on replica. Luckily the number marker is closer to genuine.
  • I have no issue with dimension, which I think there should be a very small difference but it is not something to complain.
  • The date font is correct, however I still spot that on replica is slightly taller compare to gen. An acceptable replica, but this is what i spotted.
  • The only spottable difference is on the rehaut part (The panel connecting the dial and the crystal, with  24 hour marker). You can see the reahut on replica looks wider because of the angle is slighter on replica compare to genuine. 

The cyrstal is nicely replicated, both are using single anti-reflective. That is why you can see blueish reflection when you see from specific angle. Overall i didnt find any major flaws on this one, all good, and very acceptable.



  • Polished finishing on the case is nice, pretty much the same with genuine
  • The crown size is also very close to genuine, however when you touch it, i will guarantee there is some different feeling, replica will be a bit rough.
  • The shape, and the edges of the case is nice, not much issue.



Finally you will find a very noticeable differences on this replica made by G factory :

  • Polished finisihing on replica seems over-polished, that is why it looks more shiny compare to genuine.
  • The engravings on replica is not as deep as genuine. This is the most common issue on caseback part. 



Since this model is using rubber straps, there is not much issue on replica, GF provide a very good quality rubber with correct details.

There is nothgin to complain on this part, GF has made this replica really good. Price of $368 is very reasonable refer to build perfection and the stability of the movement, because G factory put A.2836 movement on this replica, which everybody know how reliable it is.



by DTIME International on 14 May 2017

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Recently Z factory just launched the newest build of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 with some correction (they claims) compare to the previous build from Noob factory. As we know, that this model was build firstly by Noob factory and rules the market for some years. One question raised suddenly from replica folks, is ZF build better?  Let's have a look.

I try to compare ZF build with genine, and some parts i also compare with noob build of this model.

Pretty much no issue on the front side, The dial, the marker, and all those details are replicated perfectly by ZF. On this part, Noob was also great and perfect. The only flaws i noticed is the date font style and thickness is different compare from gen. Noob also have the same issue, but slightly better on the thickness. Let's see deeper on the bezel details, because this is very important parts.

Bezel widht is correct, and all markers are well replicated by Z factory. The size is correct, the material is correct, the color is correct, and pretty neat. There is no rough things on the marker. The dommed bezle is very nicely replicated by Z Factory. Lets see another part of the bezel

No issue at all, all good, the numbers are well replicated, the size and font style is 100% match with genuine as you can see on above picture. Now I will start looking at the other side of the case.

Crown logo is perfect, and the crown outter gear is nicely done. The shape, the finish, the textures, all nice, without anything sharp on every single edge of the crown gear.

Here we go. This best parts of correction from Z factory. The engravings are way better compare to Noob factory made. Clearer, and neater. 

And when you see the red arrow above, you will see that the shape of curve are different between noob and Z factory. The curve on ZF is correct, which is placed in the middle, while on Noob is way to low, therefore the curve shape is different on Noob. As you can see, when you compare it to genuine, ZF made is better and closer to genuine. Above pictures will also tell you that noob made "Blancpain" engravings is very rough, not as neat as Z factory meade.  

Back case is very nice, the details are perfect, the engravings on the caseback are very deep and neat. Just like genuine, Z factory put second layer of movement cover, so when you open the case, you will need to open antoher layer before you can see the movement.

As noob previously made, ZF also use A.2836 as the movement base to install on this model. Both ZF and Noob have minimum decoration, and without Blancpain engraves on the rotor. But this is very acceptable since the case is not displayed.

Nothing to say on this part, ZF made the clasp details perfectly just like genuine. 

The most beautiful part of this piece is on the lume part, green lume on the dial marker, hands, and include bezel marker. Extra ordinary beautiful. Both ZF and noob is perfect making this part replicated.

Bottom line, Z factory is really make some correction, especially on the case details. With slightly higher price compare to noob, it is very worthy to have Z factory build.


by DTIME International on 03 April 2017

Hi guys,

Today I am going to compare 1 of best replica comes from J Factory recently released on March 2017. It is Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 39mm Purple Dial by J Factory. Ater one factory made some of these Oyster Perpetual model (UB Factory), J Factory made some of  them but only on 39mm while UB factory also made 34mm. Let's take a look closer what is the different between genuine and replica (JF made) 


Look at this ! I really can not spot any flaws on this part. The color of the dial is just perfect, and all lettering, logo, and marker are really well made by J Factory. Even if both are side by side, my eyes still can not spot weather there is differences on this part. Well done !

This is another parts. I didn't put the mark which one genuine, which one JF made. This is on purpose to make you really wondering which one is genuine and which one is replica. The lumenous of JF making (actually the left side) is just extra ordinary. Nothing that you can complain on this.



The left one is replica by J Factory, and the right side is genuine. When you take a look closer, the logo thickness is different, I don't need to mention, you can easily spot that JF crown is too fat compare to genuine. Also the bar below the crown logo, is too fat. But who cares, this is only small parts that you can only see when you put both genuine and replica side by side. If not, I don't think someone will notice at all.



This is the magic parts of what JF made. The case thickness is amazingly 100% the same with genuine : 11.5mm as you can see on below pictures :

When we put it both genuine and replica together, this is what happen :

There is no way someone will spot the different, even if they put both together side by side. In fact, nothing different. The shape, the edge, everything is perfectly replicated by J Factory. You can see the engravings on the side of the case, amazingly JF engraves is deeper compare to genuine. I don't know how to say this is a flaws or not. It is just perfect.



This is the best parts of this replica by J Factory. The bracelet is perfectly shaped and it is match with genuine bracelet. The result, you can put JF bracelet on Genuine watches without any issue and the other way around, you can put genuine bracelet to JF case. 

There is no gap, when we put JF bracelet into genuine Rolex. Perfectly well made and replicated. 

I am not going to talk about the movement now, because it will be my another topic. In fact JF made Super Clone 3132 which is the exact copy of Rolex Calibre 3132. Just like calibre 3135 story, i think it is also perfect. But not now, i ll see you in the next topic of this


by DTIME International on 17 March 2017

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I am very exciting today because finally i got more time to do closer inspection of the most revolutionary movement made by VS factory on PAM 213 Rattrapante model. This is the first replica with real working split-second feature, which mean it has 2 stopwatch hands align together, and you can stop 1 of them to mark the time and the other one is still counting and moving. I don't know exactly how it will be useful, but I consider VS factory just made a good breakthru. Unfortunately i don't have a chance to compare with genuine in my hand, but i will try to analyize based on what I know and some pictures and video refference. Here we go


Very close and identical, i think on this level, VS factory just made a good move and i think they just made it. Without comparing side by side, i don't think your eyes will gonna be able to spot the flaws. There are some points that i can mention as below :

  • Dimension and diameter pretty much no issue, i can't see major different from the front face. 
  • Ther marker font size, and style i don't think there is a major flaws on that, all good from my opinion.
  • I don't see a flaws on lettering and logo, except the L SWISS MADE L that on replica seems a bit bigger, but i believe it is because of the domed crystal on it.
  • There is lume on the hours and minutes hands. I can see that on replica, the lume box is a little bit wider compare to genuine, but i will not complain for this.
  • Subdial and tachy ring detail i can say very good as well.

To give you more clear, i will provide some macro shot of the dial itself :

All the lettering is just good, very neat and there is no rough edges on every letter of it. The way VSF made a lume on the marker is also good, nothing rough edges on that placement, they are just well placed, and well neat.

Going down down a little bit to see how is the lettering at the bottom of the dial, PANERAI logo, no issue and i think the L SWISS MADE L that i just mention above is wrong, in fact the font size is correct. It is just because of the effect caused by the dommed crystal. As far as I can see, all good.

There are 2 hands on stopwatch hand, and i consider VS factory just make these two hands align perfectly and well placed with a good gap as you can see in above picture. From here you can also see that the lume placement is good. You can see it on 12 maker, very neat and well placed.

Lets move to seconds sub-dial. To be honest, nothing i can say on this, it is just perfect from what can i see. Also on another sub dial and tachymeter details below, i can't say more on this part. 



As we know that PAM 213 have domed saphire crystal. Some people said that on replica the domed is too high, but i don't think it is. Maybe the domed effect to inside dial is a little bit different compare to gen, but i still consider this as "good' as some pictures below :



After close inspection on dial details, and so far at this level i am very happy with what VSF made. Now i will move to other part which is how the case was built, and how detail it is especially on engravings. Let's take a look closer :

The engravings on the crown guard is nice, pretty deep and neat. The crown gear i am not too sure if this is to sharp or not, but when i touch and turn the crown, there is no sharp feeling, it is just smooth enough. 

It is just amazing for me, all engravings are there perfectly well made, deep enough and the most important thing is there are all neat, there is no sharp edges i feel when i put it on my wrist. Simply nice, i think VS factory just made it very detail and put the best effort to make it.



This is the most exciting parts for me, because VS factory is the first factory who make perfect clone mechanism of OP XVIII Caliber, with real working split-seconds feature on it. I am still wondering how reliable this movement is, but i still consider that this is amazing breakthru on replica industry. Before see it closer, let's have a look how the genuine OP XVIII caliber is, see the picture below :

The mechanism should be close to picture above. Eventhough i spot some differences, I think i still say that VS factory has build this perfectly, not exact, but very close. Let see how the mechanism looks on VS factory replica : 

I am not quite happy on this part, since the blue painting on rotor engravings are not as smooth as on the other part, or maybe just because they put the blue color on it. I just realized that this part is quite small, and above picture looks big just because I do macro shot. Let's take a look from different angle :

Well, it's better now. But my eyes will try to move to the finish of the rotor and the mechanism, i will say good for this. 

There is 1 very spottable missed when you compare the genuine and replica on this movement view. The black gear on the genuine is not exist on replica, that's it. I don't know weather you will accept this fact or not, but this is the fact. Among other perfections, there is 1 single thing missed, and i will still say this is very good. Maybe for you guys as well, or maybe not. Anyway, let's move to other part :



I don't want to talk too much on this part. For me the way VS factory made the strap is really good, by using carbon fiber material, the offort to copy the genuine is very respecful, The texture, the shape, the padding and all strap detail are really good. Engravings on clasp is very details and neat as well. See all pictures below to get clear picture how good this factory made this :

Now we gonna see how the split-second works and what is the flaws of this feature on replica. To make it more clear, i provide 2 videos for you. First video is VS factory replica as below : 

And the below is genuine video taken from Youtube :

As far as i can see, the way to run this split-seconds feature is the same between replica and genuine, the button are all correct and well functioning. The only different that i spot very clear is when the stopwatch being reset to zero. You will see some bounce on one of the hands of replica when you reset it, while you can't see it on genuine (compare it on two video above).

As a conclusion, I will say this replica is amazing, well build and very match to genuine. But again, you must accept that this is still replica, there must be some flaws that sometimes you still have to accept. Price wise, this replica from VSF is probably the most expensive panerai in the market. Would it be worthy? I think so, and you decide yourself.


by DTIME International on 12 February 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Today I will try to make comparison between genuine and replica on SevenFriday P3B-01 made by V6 factory. I think everybody knows that almost all of SevenFriday model was replicated perfectly, maybe the most flawless replica compare to other brands, even the NFC is working well and stated the serial number on the watch itself. I took this model as the example, And you will see how perfect it is compare to genuine.


Did you spot any differences? I am not. V6 factory just made it so perfect, no dimension issue, no material issue, no finishing issue.It is just perfect replication, nothing more i can say here. Lets see closer look on dial

Up until this level, i still can't find any flaws on the dial perspective, the logo, fonts of letters, font dimension, position, marker size, gear position, all perfect, no different at all from my point of view. Or maybe you need to look at it carefuly, i believe there is differences even only small things. But by clear eyes, nothing spotted. Lets move on to the other parts on the face side.

There you go, I finally can spot at least 2 flaws on the crown and crown guard.

  • You can see the crown guard on replica at the edge curve have different degree compare to gen. Genuine have a sloping crown guard compare to replica, take a look on yellow sircle i made on both side of parts.
  • There is also a small gap at the bottom of the crown on replica, while on genuien is very solid and pack.

Those 2 points is not a big flaws, only small flaws when you compare genuine and replica side by side, if not, you won't gonna find it.


Most of replica have thickness issue compare to genuine, but i didn't see that issue on this model. As you can see, the thickness is correct, and all engravings on the side of the case are made properly, it is just perfect.

This model is using sport calf leather strap with black color. The most important part on this strap is on the upper side of the strap need to be a texture and pattern. When I compare it with genuine, i didn't see any major different between those two straps. As you know that replica also using genuine calfskin material to make this strap closer to genuine. You can see on both side of strap, there is no different at all, and also the buckle, i don't think there is an issue of replication. All good.


I don't see any issue on this parts, since genuine and replica both are using Miyota 9015 movement with 21,600vph. There shouldn't be any problem for V6F to make a perfect replication on this parts. But let's see it on pictures :

All engravings are the correct, pretty much no issue at all when I try to compare the font size, the lettering and the engravings it self, All perfect, no issue.

Since replica and genuine are using the same movement calibre which is miyota 9015 japan, you can see there is no different on this parts when you open the caseback and see the movement. All correct, no issues at all.

How about the NFC? It is working, when you scan the caseback with your phone, you can see the serial number will popup on your phone and it is match with the serial number on the watch even it is replica. The only issue is, ofcourse you can't do registration to SevenFriday apps, they will not accept serial number on replica, you should know this for sure.

I use the picture of P2B series (woody), but it will be the same with any working NFC SevenFriday replica. Don't try to register this to SF apps ok!, it won't be accepted for sure :).

Here is the video of this product to help you see it in better view :


Bottom line, this is probably a perfect replica that you should have, I believe there is no one will notice that you are using replica. Even NFC, its working. GRAB THIS PERFECT REPLICA ONLY IN OUR STORE HERE

by DTIME International on 22 January 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section. Today i want to take you out a little bit from mainstream zone, we know that almost every poeple talking about how good is Rolex from Noob, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Panerai etc. Those are the mainstream brand which you never lost such a small information, because people always talk about them all the time. 

Start looking for something that is not mainstream, because there are bunch of perfect replica arount the industry that you can take a look deeper and suddenly you will realized how perfect are those, and how close are those replica compare to genuine. We will talk about GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL specificly Senator Sixties model. 39-52-01-02-04 Senator Sixties from G factory is our model to compare with genuine. Let's start knowing how good it is !


Can you imagine how if we take of the label "GF" and "GEN" on picture above? Would you be able to spot which one is fake and which one is genuine? definitely NOT !. The first reason is just because people never talk about it, the brand is not as famous as other mainstream brands. The seconds is technically G factory make a perfect replication on this model. You can see all the details on the dial are the same compare to genuine. From the marker, hands, color, logo, finishing etc. All just perfect. 

Can you spot any flaws? Only a very small flaws that probably someone can see. The "Glashutte Original" words on the dial is a little bit heavy on the replica compare to genuine. The rest? not at all, just perfect !


This parts is the key of its beauty. You can see that the font itself was made to produce "zoom" effect. 3,6,9, and 12 fonts is just like magnified font. And then the crystal dome is the key, It will make even more perfect 3 dimension on the dial. Well, fortunately G factory made the perfect replication on this part, you can see the crystal is just perfectly produce 3 dimension effect as the genuine is. You can see on below picture to make it clear :

It is just awesome ! the dome is perfect, and when you see the dimension of the case is also perfect. No issue at all. 


When you choose displayed caseback, this is gonna be your obvious flaws. Not only on this brands, but also happen on other brand with displayed caseback. There are 3 major flaws that we can spot right away when we put those piece side by side (see the number mark on above picture :

  1. The center of the rotor is slightly different, you can see on above picture that on genuine is more simple and have bigger screw as the center.
  2. Look at the gear number 2, the center is slightly different compare to genuine
  3. Look at number 3 on above picture, it should be no clear pattern on this part. But G factory put the engraved pattern instead of making it plain.
  4. The wheel should be silver instead of gold.

Without having fake and genuine side by side, you will not gonna be able to spot wheater it is replica or genuine. The flaws will only be noticable when you put them side by side and do deep inspection on it. 


Nothing else we can say, it is just perfect ! G factory just made it. 


There are too many eyes on mainstream brands, there are too many eyes on mainstream replica factory. Sometimes we forgot that there are bunch of un-discussed perfection on other brands available in replica industry. This Glashutte model is probably one of them. It is just perfect build when you start looking on it. Just be different, stop being mainstream people for some reasons. There are something even more perfect compare what people mainly talk.


by DTIME International on 16 January 2017

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. This is our second review of the same model Breitling Avenger Blackbrid V1731110, but what we are reviewing today is from G Factory. And now more into comparison between genuine and what this factory made. As you know that GF is specialized on Glashutte and A.Lange replication, they are good at it. Now they start to make a breakthrough by making one of the famous Breitling model.

Before go into deep, We will tell you something, that compare to other factory, GF made a significant correction on the back case. "GERTIFIE" issue existed on other factory version now no longer exist, GERTIFIE now corrected become CERTIFIE. So for you who love the perfection on detail, GF will be the best one to choose. You can see on below picture :

Now, let's start comparing between this factory made with the genuine of this Breitling model :


If we put it side by side betwen GF and genuine, I will say that pretty much no issue on dimmension, GF has made this replica even better. DLC finished on titanium case is perfectly produced the same color with genuine, however the replica need to be more shiny on finsihing, because when you see it, the gen a little bit more shiny, yeah that is only 1 small flaws, basically you can do special treatment on this replica to be more shiny.

The bezel engraves is also nice, same detail with genuine, almost no issue. When you see it side by side from a bit far, there is no doubt that you won't spot any flaws at all. You will be so confuse which one is genuie, which one is replica. It is just perfect. How about the dial detail? Let see it !

Need a good eye to spot the flaws of GF replication, because you will spot a very small flaws on it when you start looking on it deeply. Here are some flaws we spotted :

  • All letter on dial should be more thicker, you can see on replica is a bit thin, that is why it will look smaller on the font size, in fact it is only need to be thicker.
  • The date font need to be thicker to reach genuine model, however the font style is already correct. Just need to be a bit bigger and thicker.

In other words, ther are perfections on this replica :

  • The dial finish is correct
  • The marker dimmension is correct
  • The hands (seconds, minutes, and hours) dimension are correct
  • The logo is exactly perfect like genuine
  • I can't spot the pinion size difference between replica and genuine, all perfect


GF using modified A.2824 movement with 28,800bph, perfectly the same specs with genuine. And on this parts, you will find some easy spotted flaws, such as :

  • Breitling and letter engraves on the rotor is not too perfect, you can see easily that genuine have super neat engravings. On the replica the engraving is rough, and the font is too small.
  • Still on the rotor, you will see that there are lines on the rotor, but on genuine is not clear line, only shadowing line. But on the replica, you can see clear engraved line, and there are too many line on the rotor. 
  • There is a number near by the wheel on genuine, and there is not exist on replica

The rest I will say very good, very detail. All the screw, and the gear are there perfectly like genuine. All flaws above can be covered easily, because the caseback of this model is solid, not displayed. Also you can only spot the different when you open the case and put them side by side. If not, you won;t be able to identify easily weather this is replica or genuine.

The price is slightly higher compare to previous version, and this is very worthy to have all perfections.


by DTIME International on 30 September 2016

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog. Today I will do review on one of modified watch made by one of expert on this area. This watch is : Audemars Piguet 25940SK Rubber Clad White Dial. This is not only modified, but also replace some replica parts with genuine after market parts to be closer to genuine version.

Before I go to my review, I just want to show you some regular flaws on factory made replica of Audemars Piguet ROO Chronograph. You will find pretty much the same issue on every models. Those are :

  • Cyclops is not magnifying exactly as genuine, therefore the font looks smaller compare to genuine
  • Datewheel edge color on replica is white, instead of Black on genuine
  • Font type and size is smaller on replica compare to genuine
  • Gap between datewheel and tachymeter ring is very tight on replica, while in genuine there is significant gap between
  • Bezel screw on replica is too flat on the edge. While the genuine on this model is rounded on screw edge. Also need be repolished to catch the shine of white gold on genuine
  • Hand pinion is too big on replica

Another major flaws is the thickness and crown position :

  • Crown position need to be lower, and the crown guard shape is a bit different.
  • The thickness of the back case is very noticable. Replica has thicker caseback compare to genuine. This is hard situation for factory, since this chronograph AP are using Asian 7750 which required thicker case. If not, the rotor will be stuck.



All watch smith and modder around the world are keep working on how to get the factory made replica become more closer to genuine. Usually there are 3 options to make it closer to genuine version :

  • LOW BUDGET MODIFICATION : Light modification on bezel screw, datewheel replaced to ETA DW, re-shave the tachymeter ring to make a little bit gap with datewheel.
  • MEDIUM BUDGET MODIFICATION : Do exactly like on the first point with adding some re-shaving on hand pinion, re-shaving on cyclops, and re-positioning the crown a little bit lower
  • HIGH BUDGET MODIFICATION / FRANKEN : The thickness is the only thing that can not be moddified. The solution is only by changing the movement with thinner movement. The options, is only with genuine movement, usually LWO 283. Also some parts like dial and tachymeter can be replaced with genuine. It is really depend on what you want.



What watch smith did on this AP Rubber Clad are :

  • Gen dial and tachy ring.
  • LWO283 movement
  • Edge gen specs Datewheel
  • Gen specs hands (the pinion is not too big)
  • Double AR Crystal
  • Brand new Rubberclad Black Theme replica Noob factory
  • Rep case shaved to gen thickness and modded to gen specs  
  • Re-lume to make closer lume to genuine

You can compare this franken with genuine like picture below :

You can see above picture. Very clear that almost no issues or flaws on dial perspective. Below are some quality pictures of the franken we got right now :

How about the thickness?. Because we already change it with genuine LWO 283 movement, so the watch smith can do re-shaving on the caseback become thinner. You can compare with the replica factory made on below picture :

Besides the thickness, crown position is also need to move lower, also the crown guard after re-shaving, now very close to genuine. See actual picures from the side :

The only thing we do on caseback is make the engravings deeper, so it will look closer to genuine.

We provide you video on this franken :



This is the best part of this review. Since some genuine parts are installed on this franken, the concequences is to the price. We need to pay so expansive to do this kind of project. we spend almost USD 4,000 for this. It is not cheap price, but when you look at the result, you will decide weather it is worthed or not. 

Below is genuine price :

USD 4000 VS USD 13,995. Is that worthed? You decide, our job is to give you more options of having a good replica.



by DTIME International on 03 September 2016

Hi Guys,

Recently this Tudor Pelagos is being talked in every replica forums, there are pro's and con's especeially on the blue color, too bright compare to genuine. Yes it is, but it is different factory. The one brighter blue is comes from V6F/KW, and today Z Factory has been released the V2 of the same model (Tudor Pelagos 25600TB) with perfect blue color on dial and bezel compare to V6F. Is that really closer to genuine? let's have a look.


Compare to V1 from ZF, the bezel and dial color on this new version is very nice and close to genuine, as you can see on above pictures, pretty much no different between ZF V2 vs Genuine. Mean while, the V6F/KW, the blue color is too bright. All the details is there, and perfectly closed. How about the lume? see below picture :

Blue color is correct, except the marker frame is not lumed perfectly. Overall this is a perfect replication on this side.


This replica is also made from Titanium material as the genuine is. I didn't spot any major issue on the titanium finishing, also the crown, no issue with size and logo engravings. all smooth and perfectly cloned.


On this side, i spot some differences, especially on the engravings, as usual that engravings on caseback of replica mostly not as deep as genuine. As you can see the caseback engravings on genuine is very clear and deep. But i respect of the detail by putting perfect engravings on serial number and model number, well done. On the other side, the clasp engravings, is also another issue, while the genuine is very deep, the reps is not. But I can say, probably this is not the main focus of ZF, because this part is not gonna be showed while you wear this watch.


My final conclusion of this replica is SUPERB, I can't find any significant different especially on the face. All the different that I spot, is very minor. Besides, all the finishing of titanium is very nice and well neat. It is just perfect, and recommended for you to have this such superb replica from ZF v2.



by DTIME International on 01 September 2016

Welcome back to our blog. Today we will do short review to one of the most demandable watches from Tudor,  The Heritage Blackbay 79250BM Bronze.

Previously, we have this Tudor from Z Factory, and it was pretty close to genuine. But after awhile, V6F/KW has been release replica of the same model, and we noticed that V6F made is even closer to genuine.

If you read replica forums, lots of member keep asking which one the best one and the closest one to genuine. To make it sure, we provide genuine picture of this model as picture below :

We still have picture of this model from Z Factory, and now we try to combine the picture with V6F, and see what's the different between those two factories :


As we read some forums member review, finally we also spot some differences from the face of these two factories :

  • Bezel Insert width --> V6F/KW wider compare to ZF. And with this fact, V6F is closer to genuine compare to ZF.
  • Bezel Marker --> As far as we can see, V6F bezel font and marker is better fnished compare to ZF, very neat and close to genuine.
  • Dial Fonts --> This point is never mentioned on previous review, but based on my sight, there is well printed on V6f compare to ZF..


  • What i can noticed on this parts is not about the crown engravings, i saw both V6F and ZF have same crown engravings. But the the bezel thickness i can see that V6F is thicker compare to ZF and V6f have correct crystal edge as per gen.
  • The bronze finished is different between those two factory, the V6F is more vintagized compare to ZF.
  • The lug on V6F is more rounded / curvy when you look at from side. And the lug hole on V6F is a little bit lower compare to ZF. This is actually closer to gen, because if you see the strap thickness, V6F is same with gen, thicker than ZF. Therefore need bigger space


This part is very noticeable. The stitch color on V6F is correct to gen. Also the back side of the strap. But I can see that ZF strap is correct vintage, only wrong stitch color.


  • As the bronze finished is more vintagized on V6F, this also happen on the buckle, the V6F is more vintage.
  • I didnt see any major different on caseback. The only thing i see on the caseback color, the gen is seems more yellow (goldy), or probably gold plated. This is not happen on both factories.

This comparison is really based on my opinion, i can be wrong or right. If anyone have other opinion, please put a comments.


by DTIME International on 17 June 2015

Hi guys,

The price is quite expansive for reps, but I wonder it's because the "real" 18K yellow gold on it or maybe perfections on its detail. When the item arrived, i was pretty impressed of the whole build, the wrapped ceramic bezel is cool also the engraves, the gold plated is quite thick (approx 0.33mm), case and bracelet finishing is also great. 

Quick look, it's very close to gen but I'm not gonna go into deep, it's only my first impression of this noob's rep. Here are some pics :

Maybe it's only my opinion, a bit too yellow on the gold color, or maybe someone can tell me more about it.

Crystal a bit too thick i guess. I saw my friend's genuine a bit flat on crystal also not that thick, correct me if I am wrong

The plated of 18K YG is pretty thick, approximately 0,33 mm, way better to any version available in the market

The logo on crystal still different compare to gen, "the dot" is not there as per gen. It's not a big issue, at least exist on rep .
Have no comment on caseback. all good and precise, no gap between case and bracelet. Well finished.

Despite the YG color, the bracelet is very nice to hold, there is no "cheapy" sound when you shake it, pretty solid

The clasp is smooth when I open and close it, no issue at all. 

Hv no doubt on lume, noob always perfect on this. I took that pic after a short light on it, no need too long. It just cool.

This is the only big issue I have on this reps, and i think with all GMT Master models :

Look at the yellow circle, it's so clear that the gmt hand position is not like genuine. Gen have GMT hand between minute and hour hands, but in reps the GMT hand is on the bottom of all hands.

With A2836 on this rep, it will make a huge different on date / hands setting. The way to set the date is just different from gen. Please someone tell me if there is any reps with correct hands position and date setting.

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