Understanding Shipping Process On Replica Industry !

by DTIME International on 01 April 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section...

Today i will talk more into technical on shipping process on replica industry. There are so many people asking and wondering how to deliver replica watches to their country. Some people also impatient of waiting, keep asking where is tracking number, why took so long, why the status like this, and so many more. Before I continue, just keep in mind, that you are not in normal industry, and it will automatically face "abnormal" shipping process. It is very unique and very tricky. 

This blog is to help you how to deal with replica shipment, and at the end, it will give you better understanding and better tolerance to the seller. First of all, you must understand, that all seller / dealer are not doing personal delivery to shipping company directly. There is a system in replica market that has been there for ages, that all the sellers/dealers will ship it to SHIPPING AGENT, or usually they call it : TRANSHIPPER. And the transhipper will handle all the shipping process, not only that, the transhipper also will give you advice / suggestion which shipping way is better to deliver replica to any particular countries.

Here we go, let's see and read it carefully :


This is the first steps of the delivery process, this is happen usually on day one, after QC process are done, and has been approved, by the customers. Seller will put all packages detail on any tracking paper given prior by the shipping agent. At this level, you CAN'T ASK WHERE IS THE TRACKING NUMBER ! 



Shipping agent will collect all packages from particular seller in the market. If the seller submit before cut off time, the pick up process, will usually happen at the same day. But if not, the pick up process will be on the next day. Again, at this level, TRACKING NUMBER still not available yet !



At this level, the agent will bring all the packages to their warehouses in China (for direct shipping), or to any particular transit countries, such as Hongkong, Netherlands, United Kingdom, or any transit countries (for triangular shipping). TRACKING NUMBER STILL NOT AVAILABLE YET at this level.



All packages details will start entering the shipping company system. At this level, THE TRACKING NUMBER IS ALREADY AVAILABLE, and usually the status is "SHIPPING INFO RECEIVED"



All packages pick up by shipping company (such as DHL, EMS etc) from shipping agent warehouses. All packages will be at shipping company place. At this level,  the tracking status is usually : "HAS BEEN PICKED UP" or "PICKED UP"



This is the main process of delivery. At this level, the tracking status usually : ON PROCESS. Keep tracking your order, and wait until your packages arrived. 

THERE ARE SOME POINTS THAT YOU REALLY NEED TO UNDERSTAND when you deal with replica watches shipment process :

  • Do not count Saturday, Sunday, and Chinese Holiday. They all taking off. 
  • Do not OVER REACT  to any status shows up on your tracking system. Contacting the shipping company too early, will raised suspicion on the custom side. Just relax, don't panic, and simply CONTACT your seller for any enquiries.
  • Keep in your mind, that sometimes seller only use regular mail to deliver your order, especially for restricted countries on accepting replica watches. This shipping company most of the time are very slow, and the status is even not up to date. JUST BE PATIENT !, as long as there is no status like "CALL DHL, PLEASE CONTACT DHL, etc", it means your package is in normal situation. In case this is happen, CONTACT YOUR SELLER ! DO NOT CONTACT SHIPPING COMPANY !

I hope this topic will help you to give you better understanding of replica shipping process. Asking early tracking number is not the solution, need sometimes to get it, and as long as your seller is contactable, you shouldn't be worried !