Understanding DHL Delivery Status and How to Deal With It !

by DTIME International on 05 April 2017

Hi guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. Again today I want to talk more into techical, especially on delivery process. As you know that our major shipment are using DHL as shipping provider. Their service are most of the time very fast and reliable. But sometimes there are certain situation might raise your question, what is the status mean? Is that normal? How long it takes? What should I do?. This situations are caused by some particular reasons, it could be packaging issue, declaration issue, random inspection, document issue, etc. 

Before you take any action, my golden rule for your is : DON'T PANIC ! just communicate with your seller to get to know what and why happened. As you know, that all delivery using DHL service from China are via Hongkong, so your real starting delivery should be from Hongkong to your destination country. This is the level when you start getting tracking number and can track every progress of your delivery. There are some status that I can explain to you to give you better understanding before you take any actions :


For some countries like US, the shipping process is directly from Hongkong to US, not using any country as transit country. I took 1 example of delivery process to US and try to explain every single status on it.

  • SHIPMENT PICKED UP (Hongkong) : This is when your package has been picked up by DHL from shipper place / warehouse.
  • ARRIVED AT SORT FACILITY (Hongkong) : This status mean that your package is on origin country sort facility of DHL. This is the routing process where DHL sorting all packages as per destination country. Or you can call it Checkpoint 1.
  • DEPARTED FACILITY (Hongkong) : This status mean your package is going out / dispatced from Hongkong to the destination country
  • ARRIVED AT SORT FACILITY (In this case is Cincinnati hub USA) : This is mean that your package has arrived at sort facility of the first gate of your country. You can call it Checkpoint 2. Your package will be check (usually random) and routed to your city destination
  • CLEARANCE PROCESSING COMPLETE (In this case Cincinnati hub USA) : This status means that your package successfully passed the clearance process, there is no issue or whatsoever.
  • DEPARTED FACILITY (In this case Cincinnati hub USA) : Means your package is being routed and going to your destination city.
  • ARRIVED AT FACILITY (In this case is New York) : This is the last DHL checkpoint (You can call it checkpoint 3) where your package is on routing process to your exact address.
  • TRANSFERRED THROUGH (In this case is New York) : Your package is going to DHL gateway in that city (in this case is New York)
  • DEPARTED FACILITY (In this case is New York) : Your package is leaving the DHL gateway, and going to reach the closest DHL delivery facility to your address
  • ARRIVED AT DELIVERY FACILITY (In this case is New York) : This is mean your package has arrived at closest DHL delivery facility to your address, and ready for delivery process
  • WITH DELIVERY COURIER (In this case is New York) : This status means your package is on delivery courier hands on its way to your address for final delivery
  • DELIVERED : Your package is successfully deliverd. 



For some countries like Italy, the shipping process is take a bit longer, because can't do direct shipment from Hongkong, but need to transit in some country before routing to your destination country. I took 1 example of the status as this transit case :

In this case, need to transit in Germany before reaching Italy. Basically all the status are the same with direct shipment, but since DHL use another country checkpoint, therefore the process is taking longer time. All the status are remain the same, which is the same meaning as I explain on the first case.

Both case above are categorized NORMAL and SUCCESSFUL delivery process. If this situasion happen all the time, everybody will be very happy. Unfortunaelly NOT !!. Sometimes your package face some delivery obstacles caused by particular reasons as i mention before.

Here are some cases and I try to explain why it happen and what should you do if this is happen to your packages :


This case is usually happen when there is formal inspection at Hongkong Sort Facilty. With my experience facing this, the situation is quite normal on replica delivery process. There is market inspection in China sometimes, and it is usually followed by the inspection at DHL Sort Facility in Hongkong, the checking process is more tight compare to normal situation. And some packages facing random check. 

What should you do if this is happen? This is not good situation, but i am going to say it is a bit lucky that your package facing this in the early stage while still in Hongkong. Do not worry, the seller will deal with the situation until all clear. Please note, it will take sometimes to clear up this issue.

DO NOT CONTACT DHL for any reason, don't panic. Just communicate this issue with your seller, and put your extra kind patient to wait until all clear. Discuss with seller regarding the solution for any possible result of this matter.



If this case happen, you must know that it's not necessarily a bad thing or seizing or whatevery bad thing you want to call it. It could be some reasons why this is happen "

  • PACKAGING ISSUE : Your packaging is not good or not properly pack by the seller
  • VALUE AND ITEM DECLARATION ISSUE : The declared value is not good enough for your item, or the item declaration is not match with the paper
  • DOCUMENT REQUIRED INCOMPLETE : The seller is not providing proper documentation

This is seller requirement issue, not your fault, and again, DO NOT CALL DHL for any reason, because if you can put the kind a sense : You call DHL of your country, and the package still far away from your country, in fact still in origin country. They will call and find out what happen. This situation will raised suspicion. Just relax and speak out with your seller.



This is a very frustating situation, because your package is away from the seller country, but also away from your place. In fact your package facing some inspection at transit country. Then why this is happen? Well, every country have their own regulation on any particular shipped item. From my experience it is usually happen because :

  • Your package content some watches (3 or more) watches. It will passed the first country but maybe not that easy at transit country due to the regulation.
  • You have 2 or more different packages in single time periods. It will make the custom in some country become suspicious.

What you should do? Again, DO NOT CALL DHL on a first place !, contact your seller and communicate. For this case i have faith that there is no way custom at transit country will hold or seized your packages, because that is not belong to their country, in fact, they are only a forwarder before reaching your country. All you need to do is wait, please put extra kind of patient if you face this until they relese or require anything further to relese the package. Usually they ask some payment proofs and transaction proofs that match to your shipped items. After that, it will be fine. Just be there with all of your patient.

If they ask some documents or proofs, ask your seller to provide that and help you out. I believe your seller will help you.



This situation is far from seller hands, but this case is only required some proofs of payment and transactions that match with the declared value of the items. Because at this level, your destination custom is actually suspicious and wondering if the price is make sense. So they need some proofs (payment and transaction/invoice). Ask your seller to provide as the declared value of your package stated on shipping document. Worst case scenario of this situation is : paying certain amount of tax to release your package. It can be different amount in every country.



  • Ask your seller which delivery is the best way to deliver your package (if you don't have experience before)
  • Keep using the logistic company as your previous successful delivery (if you have experience before)
  • DO NOT call shipping company too early, just call your seller
  • Keep in touch with your seller, and ask your seller favor to provide anything required to release your package (only if required)
  • Ship maximum 3 pieces of watches in a time WITHOUT replica box. 
  • Shipping replica watches with replica box in 1 time will raise the possibility of having a problem. If you need the box, ship it different time and offcourse it will required more shipping cost on your side.