SPECIAL PROJECT : Refinement Blancpain 5015-1130-52 Closer Looks, The best Fifty Fathoms in the market !

by DTIME International on 05 December 2018


Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....


Today we are very excited to have 1 of the most iconic model from Blancpain brands, Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 series. This is not 100% factory made like what Noob and ZF did. This is special project, limited edition, and the idea is to make refinement on this models. We are the only store given privilage to sell this perfect iconic piece. A Group of watch maker sit together, tear the genuine apart and decide to make upgrade on below points :

  • Bezel teeth shape and size on bezel is exactly same as genuine. ZF and Noob made is not the same size and details
  • Highly upgraded "Blancpain" side engraved of the case. This required extra attention to make such details and smoothness. The quality is far more better than other replica available
  • There is a gap between luminous insert and beszel saphire crystal. It should be like that on genune, while ZF and Noob make it stick to the saphire, with no gap in between
  • Dial marker are all upgraded with special treatment 3 dimensional shape, exactly like genuine. 
  • Special finished Sapphire without AR coated, but super clear as genuine. Just for your information that genuine is not using Anti Reflective as well, but quite clean. This replica is the best and closest one.


We will do comparison in the future between genuine and this premium build in our next blog. Now, you can judge all of these perfection by pictures. Please note, that this is actual picture taken from the unit. This is not genuine watch pictures. Here we go !


Again, this is not factory made replica, this is special project of some watch maker in China who dare to make re-finement on this replica model. This is the best replica of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in the market. We guarantee !