DTime International November 2018 Top 5 Hits !

by DTIME International on 10 December 2018

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section. Today I will show you the most hits from our website based on our statictic countre that we have in our system. This data is valid, and all statistic was exclude our IP address. The reason why we do this topic is to show you what is the most view products, brands, pages, search and videos in our website as your guideline what is our customer behaviour to see our products and pages.




NO 1  : Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black-Grey Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap 324CS Clone (Correct Thickness)

TOTAL VIEW :  11.092 HITS. After previous month Patek ZF on second position, now they already on first position on this month. it is not surprising for us if they are in number one now. They succeeded in defeating other factories such as V6F, PF, MPF, KMF. The best color and dial details, also super nice material finishes especially on the case. Cover with their make own Caliber 324CS super clone to replicate the looks and the thickness. Nice packaging, nice build. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE


NO 2  : Daytona Cosmograph 116508 18K Yellow Gold Case ARF V2 1:1 Best Edition Green Dial On 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet A4130 Super Clone

TOTAL VIEW : 10.284 HITS. If previous month have one of model from ARF with Daytona Cosmograph 116520 904L Stainless Steel A4130 Super Clone, on this month ARF have Daytona Cosmograph 116508 18K Yellow Gold 904L Stainless Steel A4130 Super Clone. Its the first 116508 model that use 904L Stainless Steel and cover with A4130 Super Clone movement. With green dial that different from normally Daytona model with black or white dial, make this watch has its own characteristics. Buy now HERE



NO 3  : Royal Oak 26510ST.OO.1220ST.01 Real Tourbillon Stainless Steel JF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial On Stainless Steel Bracelet Asian Seagull

TOTAL VIEW : 7.991 HITS. There is no doubt if talked about Audemars Piguet we choose JF (J Factory) who one of best factories on this brand. With 11mm thickness same as genuine like they claimed, and use Asian Seagull hand-winding tourbillon movement. You can make it as an option if you want to have different watches model. You can buy this watch model HERE



NO 4  : Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 Stainless Steel Case Special Build Upgraded 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Sail-canvas Strap A2836 (The Finest Replica)

TOTAL VIEW :  6.559 HITS.   This is not 100% factory made like what Noob and ZF did. This is special project, limited edition, and the idea is to make refinement on this models. We are the only store given privilage to sell this perfect iconic piece. A Group of watch maker sit together, tear the genuine apart and decide to make upgrade on several point. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 5  : GMT Master II 116719 BLRO Pepsi 316L Stainless Steel Case DJF 1:1 Best Edition REAL Red Blue Ceramic Insert Black Dial on Oyster Stainless Steel Bracelet A.2836

TOTAL VIEW : 4.082 HITS. The first two tone Red/Blue ceramic bezel made by DJ Factory, they are newest factory on Rolex models. You can buy this nice new Rolex model HERE



Above choices of our customer behaviour might be your guidance to choose which model will be your next order from our website. Apart from top hits products, we also have another statistic of our customer behaviour happened on November 2018 :



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  1. ROLEX : 50.843 View
  2. AUDEMARS PIGUET : 34.882 View
  3. OMEGA : 23.791 View
  4. PATEK PHILIPPE : 15.082 View
  5. PANERAI : 12.119 View


I hope this topic can be your guide how to pick the products based on our customer behaviour month to month in our website. Everything have reasons behind, that it why those data i present is consider as market fact of how good and demandable those replica model are.