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Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section...

Today i will talk more into technical on shipping process on replica industry. There are so many people asking and wondering how to deliver replica watches to their country. Some people also impatient of waiting, keep asking where is tracking number, why took so long, why the status like this, and so many more. Before I continue, just keep in mind, that you are not in normal industry, and it will automatically face "abnormal" shipping process. It is very unique and very tricky. 

This blog is to help you how to deal with replica shipment, and at the end, it will give you better understanding and better tolerance to the seller. First of all, you must understand, that all seller / dealer are not doing personal delivery to shipping company directly. There is a system in replica market that has been there for ages, that all the sellers/dealers will ship it to SHIPPING AGENT, or usually they call it : TRANSHIPPER. And the transhipper will handle all the shipping process, not only that, the transhipper also will give you advice / suggestion which shipping way is better to deliver replica to any particular countries.

Here we go, let's see and read it carefully :


This is the first steps of the delivery process, this is happen usually on day one, after QC process are done, and has been approved, by the customers. Seller will put all packages detail on any tracking paper given prior by the shipping agent. At this level, you CAN'T ASK WHERE IS THE TRACKING NUMBER ! 



Shipping agent will collect all packages from particular seller in the market. If the seller submit before cut off time, the pick up process, will usually happen at the same day. But if not, the pick up process will be on the next day. Again, at this level, TRACKING NUMBER still not available yet !



At this level, the agent will bring all the packages to their warehouses in China (for direct shipping), or to any particular transit countries, such as Hongkong, Netherlands, United Kingdom, or any transit countries (for triangular shipping). TRACKING NUMBER STILL NOT AVAILABLE YET at this level.



All packages details will start entering the shipping company system. At this level, THE TRACKING NUMBER IS ALREADY AVAILABLE, and usually the status is "SHIPPING INFO RECEIVED"



All packages pick up by shipping company (such as DHL, EMS etc) from shipping agent warehouses. All packages will be at shipping company place. At this level,  the tracking status is usually : "HAS BEEN PICKED UP" or "PICKED UP"



This is the main process of delivery. At this level, the tracking status usually : ON PROCESS. Keep tracking your order, and wait until your packages arrived. 

THERE ARE SOME POINTS THAT YOU REALLY NEED TO UNDERSTAND when you deal with replica watches shipment process :

  • Do not count Saturday, Sunday, and Chinese Holiday. They all taking off. 
  • Do not OVER REACT  to any status shows up on your tracking system. Contacting the shipping company too early, will raised suspicion on the custom side. Just relax, don't panic, and simply CONTACT your seller for any enquiries.
  • Keep in your mind, that sometimes seller only use regular mail to deliver your order, especially for restricted countries on accepting replica watches. This shipping company most of the time are very slow, and the status is even not up to date. JUST BE PATIENT !, as long as there is no status like "CALL DHL, PLEASE CONTACT DHL, etc", it means your package is in normal situation. In case this is happen, CONTACT YOUR SELLER ! DO NOT CONTACT SHIPPING COMPANY !

I hope this topic will help you to give you better understanding of replica shipping process. Asking early tracking number is not the solution, need sometimes to get it, and as long as your seller is contactable, you shouldn't be worried !

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Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Confusion will come accross your mind especially if you are new in replica, because there are many replica factory around the market, wheather well known or not. When you look at the webisite mentioning so many different replica factories, there will be some obvious questions, which factory is the best? Are they all good? 

In order to wipe your confusion, I will explain which factory is the best to make particular brands or models. Because every factory have their own flagship model on replica watche they buit. By this topic, I hope you guys will understand and use it as guidance to pick some good stuffs from the right factory. I will try as honest as possible to tell the truth, and this is also based on my experience handling replica selling activities, and getting more information from replica forums, and from the customer feedback.

Here we go... !


This factory is very well known in the replica industry. Even their name is used for any good replica from china. Is this noob? (means is this replica?). This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship replica watches (click the product name to see the watches) :



When you ask which factory best on making Audemars Piguet? There is no doubt to go to J Factory, not other factory. There are so many review of how good JF making those AP models. But, not only AP J Factory also have some other cool stuffs on Breitling, Cartier, and many more. This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship replica watches (click the product name to see the watches) :



This factory is not an old factory like noob or BP, but this factory recently made so many brands and model replicated perfectly. Some brands like IWC Schaffhausen, Tudor, Bell & Ross, and some Panerai model. These are some models as ZF flaghsip replica (click the product name to see the watches) :



Formerly known as the first generation Rolex best maker, BP still making good copies up until now. There are some brands and model that you must go for this factory for some reasons, here are their flagships (click the product name to see the watches) :



If you looking for the best build for Rolex especially Daytona, Submariner and Datejust, this factory is the best choice for those models. By having perfect build, details, and perfect 904L materials, ARF now leading the market on Rolex build replication.. Here are their flagships (click the product name to see the watches) :

  • Rolex > Daytona series (with perfect details and solid build with 904L stainless steel materials), Datejust 36mm, and Submariner 116610LN with 2824 movement. Clearly, this factory is more focusing on perfect build, they choose regular reliable movement to support instead of making the movement looks close to gen with some issue in the future.



This is the only factory that produces so many brands, and the good thing is most of them are categorized as perfect copy among other factories. Formerly known as the first factory made perfect copy of Hublot Big Bang series, now they made bunch of perfect models from some other brands. Here they are (click the product name to see the watches) :



This is quite new factory in the market, but this factory has made some perfect Panerai model. I dont know weather they will produce another brand or not, but so far the only brand they made is Panerai. The good thing about this factory is they made random serial number which match between case and the one on the movement. Only 5 flaghsip replica from this factory so far (click the product name to see the watches) : PAM441, PAM213 (real split-second), PAM382, PAM359 and PAM312



This factory is also very reliable on making some brands and model, Below are some of their flagship (click the product name to see the watches) :

  • Rolex > MK factory is mastering on Celini model, you wont find any other Rolex model made by this factory except Cellini. The build is good and I consider this model from MK is the best quality so far in the market
  • IWC Schaffhausen > When you looking for Portofino model, there are 2 factories around the market who made perfect replica, but i will consider MK as recommendation. Another model is Pilot Analog model
  • Patek Philippe > Talking about the best Nautilus 5711 model, the latest version that very close to genuine is form MK factory
  • Tag Heuer > Recently MK factory launched the new Calibre 5 WAY201A model, and it is very recommended
  • Breguet > It is very hard to find good replica of breguet, but if you looking for the simple breguet replica, you have to choose from MK factory. The best Breguet from this factory is Classique 5177BR.



This factory is only mastering on some Omega model, such as (click the product name to see the watches) Planet Ocean chronograph, Speedmaster Crhonograph, New model of Planet Ocean 600m, and Speedmaster 57 model. Previously JH made these models, however they can not make independent minute and hours counter on the sub dial. Suddenly OM Factory just popped up to beat JH with revolutionarry movement by having fully function chronograph on those models. The movement is also quite reliable, there is none of customers having issue with this model since these was launched.



Again, there are some factory only develop 1 single brand, like S factory (SF) is only mastering in some Panerai model which is quite the same quality with KW /V6 Factory. Both are with super clone movement, but some form S Factory are better, such as on these model (click the model to see detail products): PAM604, PAM425, PAM448, PAM690, PAM672, PAM1359, PAM605, PAM1312, and PAM449



Formerly known as KW, now they are rebranding with new factory name ; XF. Mastering on Panerai, Tudor, and Zenith Pilot, this factory now star leading the market again, competing with VS factory (on Panerai), ZF (On Tudor and Zenith). For some models like PAM 111, PAM005, PAM000. I will say this factory is the best maker so far.



Mostly making some replica on Germany watches like Glashutte, A Lange & Sohne, now this factory launched the most demandable Breitling replica on perfection. Here are some brands and model as GF flagship replica (click the product name to see the watches) :



This factory is the master of Tourbillon and some complication watches. When you looking for Tourbillon replica watches, there is no other choice to buy only from this factory. Even not exactly like genuine, but all tourbillon watches from this factory are well made and well function. These are some models that I recommend for you :

I hope this topic can help you to decide which brand and models is the best from any particular replica factories in replica industry. At the end, first understand that a replica factory ARE NOT OFFER FLAWLESS REPLICA, this is replica, even if these are the best and the closest one, there MUST be a flaws. What can you expect by buying $300 replica compare to $3,000 or even $30,000 genuine. You must accept the fact that these are replica and you must accept the fact of their minor or major flaws. All you need to do is find out the seller/dealer who can speak and response your questions properly.

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  • ETA is the biggest watches movement company in the world. Introduced in 1793 in Switzerland by Isaac, David Benguerel, Julien, Francais Humbert and up until now serving the whole world supporting so many watch's brands.
  • Swiss ETA movement is known as a very relaible movement with high accuarcy, no wonder watches with Swiss ETA inside will be listed in fantastic price.
  • Swiss ETA movement price is quite expensive in the market, you can see some price HERE
  • Swiss federation have a new regulation to reduce ETA production and open competition market in watch movement industry, so there is no longer monopolized by ETA company. Therefore there are so many movement factory after this regulation
  • Some brands starts making their own style and calibre on their own movement as a signature of its brands, for example : Tag Heuer with Calibre 1887, Caliber 5, Calibre 16, Calibre S, Calibre 36 etc. Rolex with Calibre 3135, 3186, 3125, 3131 etc. Also other high-end brands are using their own calibre.

See on the capture below as one of the prices for some Swiss ETA movement :


From above figures you can really see that real Swiss ETA movement is very expensive. Now I will tell you the true story based on our customer questions 



Case Study : Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44mm 26400AU Real Ceramic Novelty Forged Carbon JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Black Rubber Strap A3126, My list price is : $678 (This price is including my profit). So, if you think that this movement is using real Swiss ETA, lets do simple calculation as below :

  • Movement price (must be 7751 chronograph automatic) =$698 
  • Forged carbon material price ???
  • Price for the case ????
  • Price for the dial, hands, and other parts ???
  • Production and labor cost ????
  • Shipping cost ????
  • Overhead cost ????

Is that make sense if high end replica using real Swiss movement? you can see and figure out based on data above. There are so many replica seller keep saying that the movement of replica from china is Swiss ETA, and so many people being mislead by this Terminology ! One thing for sure that in fact, there NONE of replica made by any factory are using Swiss ETA movement, except some modified watches (not factory made). 



  • YES, but not factory made replica. It should be modified by watch smith, and the price consequently high due to the real ETA price, maybe $1,500 or above.
  • If point number 1 is yes, the movement looks will not going to be the same with the brand's calibre. Because right now every high-end brands have their own calibre with unique and different looks and decoration. If there is a real ETA on replica, it should be modified to be close to brand's calibre looks. The warranty will broken obviously. If you see below pictures, you will noticed that there is a huge different looks between genuine ETA and some brand's movement caliber. So if it is genuine ETA on replica, without modification will looks so different compare to genuine calibre.



  • There are a clone version legally produced in China which is the exact copy of Swiss ETA, people called it as ASIAN ETA. They copy exactly the same structure as genuine ETA. Some model are copied perfectly become Asian 2836-2, Asian 2824-2, Asian 7750 etc. The looks is very close compare to genuine ETA. You can see the comparison on pictures below :

  • Price of Asian ETA are very cheap compare to genuine Swiss ETA. This is the reasons why all factories in replica industry choose Asian movement to be installed on their replica instead of using genuine Swiss ETA movement.
  • The factory need to make some modification on Asian ETA based movement to get a closer looks compare to genuine calibre from the brands they copied. The decoration need to be the same, the structured need to be the same. But again i repeat, the movement based is ASIAN ETA, not SWISS ETA as logically the price will be huge different.



Asian movement is legally distribute in China and there are so many testimony talk about how good and reliable these movement are. Running with the same beat as genuine ETA, the only different is that Asian ETA don't have FORMAL QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS from the factory, while the genuine is formally QC. Overall, this is a good cheap option to have a good movement as good as genuine ETA movement. There are some testimony i took from one of website forum regarding how good Asian movement are :

  • "The only advantage to purchasing gen ETA is that if it should physically break, you have easy access to parts. If a China clone ETA physically breaks, parts may or may not fit. Some do and some do not. Your option would be to purchase a new clone ETA from a parts supply house like Otto Frei or a genuine Swiss ETA movement to replace the broken clone. It's really your call. There is nothing "wrong" with china clone ETA movements." (Source : RWG)
  • "Excellent points by Jkay. The clones are really good! Sometimes so good it is hard to tell them apart from ETAs." (Source : RWG)
  • Many people even say that the installed genuine swiss ETA in replica watches are worse than asian clones movement. Because the Asian clone is new and relatively controlled, but the gen Swiss ETA has n unknown origin and age.



  • As you know, Japanese miyota movement is group of Citizen company, and this movement are very famous in watches industry as the alternative of price pressing. The movement price is not too expensive, but you can't complain the reliability, those are consider as very reliable movement. .
  • One of Miyota flagship is Miyota 9015 as a good cheap alternatives of ETA 2824-2 movement.



  • It is based on the history from the beginning of replica movement, almost all seller said that the movement is SWISS ETA, in fact, they missed 1 word : COPY, it supposed to be SWISS ETA COPY 1:1.
  • I think nothing to blame, it is only MARKETING tools to gain so many customer. On the other hand, as customers we need to be very careful to identify and understand the real meaning of this SWISS ETA terminology
  • There are so many seller only have ability to SELL, without knowing which one is right and which one is wrong.

In the end, I hope this topic can help you who have no experience on replica industry, or for you who know already and gaining more info from this topic. Let's get it right !


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This questions is probably the most frequent question that I got from my customers or peope who go to my website. I oftenly confuse what should I answer because need some more perspective to answer that questions. In fact, it is depends on how you see the watches itself :

  • Principal Perspective
  • Technical Perspective
  • Movement Physical Perspective
  • Brand Perspective
  • Position of Watches Perspective
  • Knowledge Perspective

Now i try to answer that questions with technical and non technical reasons/facts. Keep reading this blog !

I took one brand in mid class model ; Seiko Prospex "Sumo, which come with mechanical Seiko Calibre 6R15. Price range for this model is around $500. On the other hand, I pick high-end replica with high-end replica movement as Asian 2824/2836 to compare with. Lets have a look in some perspectives, which one you should take it as your personal collections.

Nothing i can do if you are the person which keep to the principle of REAL vs FAKE. I just can't change your principle, if you are kinda person who keep "Genuine" principle as your bible, just buy genuine watches, instead of replica even in the same price range. Just buy watches which match with your principle, not against it. Anothe principle that i can not change from people are in terminology of "Formal Warranty". If you are kinda person who put Formal Warranty as your principle, go for genuine watches, not replica.


Both movement of Calibre 6R15 and Asian 2824/2836 have similarity :

  • Regular features : Hours, minutes, seconds and date
  • Both are having high beat rate (BPH), even Asian ETA is higher beat (28800) compare to 6R15 (21600), both are consider in high beat class.

See below table to know about detail specification between those two movement :

Overall, Asian ETA is better on specifications. So if you want higher specification of the movement, you should go for Asian 2824/2836 instead of 6R15.



The major different of these two movements physically are the decoration. ETA looks more complex and beutiful esthetic wise, while Cal 6R15 looks dull on its decorations. Since Asian ETA has no formal quality control from the factory, some of them might sounds not as good as formal QC factory movement, but mostly are good. So in this perspective i have some suggestions :

  • if you are kinda person who put the beauty of complexity on the movement, you should go for watches with Asian ETA 2824 instead of 6R15
  • If you are kinda person who loves high beat rate of the movement, you should go for watches with Asian ETA 2824


This part is probably the most sensitive part, because there is an involvement of brand loyalty. It is hard for me to drag people who are crazy about one single brand. Regardless real or fake, those person will go for that brand. Another terminology that might lead people to choose on this perspective are Japan Made Vs Swiss Made (in fact it is Chinese made). I can't get customers to buy my high-end replica who loves Japan movement, they will remain in their lovely place of being Japan movemen lovers. On the the other hands, some people thoughts that high-end replica are with Swiss movement, in fact is not. But they will remain choosing ETA instead of Japan things, regardless it is Asian or real Swiss ETA, they will go for this one.

So there is no suggestion on this perspective, just follow your loved brands of watches, and movements.


In order to choose to buy genuine watches or replica, it really depends on the position of watches itself on you :

  • As Luxury Stuffs : If you consider watches as luxury stuffs, simply go for genuine watches instead of high-end replica. So you can put it proudly on your precious box or cupboard to let people see your luxury watches
  • As Fashion Tools : if you consider watches as fashion tools that you can mix and match and change anytime, go for high end replica, because the price is affordable and you can change it anytime, buy it anytime you want to cover your fashion needs.
  • As Collectible Items : Stick to one or two brands, then start collecting, it could be all genuine or mixed up with high-end replica
  • Daily Accessories : Simply go buying replica, so you never feel worry about what you wear on your wrist.
  • As Toys : Simply buy high-end replica, and keep your rare genuine watches in your safety box


Not every people know well about watches and movement, even worse, some people don't know what is chronograph means and function. But there are also bunch of customers with high knowledge about watches and movement, they know exactly what watches and movement is. If you don't know anything or more about watches and movements, just go buy genuine watches with no worries. Even you don't know, you will feel confidence by wearing it.

You won't be surprised that in fact, replica buyer are :

  • Someone have genuine watches with high knowledge about watches
  • Someone have geunine watches with little knowledge about watches and want to upgrade their knowledge by buying replica for experiment
  • Someone real new on watches, just want to try and start learning about watches
  • Someone have genuine watches, with high financial profile, but they want something close to what they have, for their daily use, and keep the genuine in the safety box

So, hopefully this blog can help you out to find which watches that you should buy for your own personal uses. I am not saying replica is always better, and I am not saying genuine always better. It realy depends on how you see it. It is totally up to you.


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Hi guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. Updating our previous blog about China replica factory (You can read our previous blog HERE), now we are updating some new factory suddenly rules the market because of their perfections on making good replica watches. Read our October update below :


Noob factory is probably the most famous factory among others, they start a very long time ago and really developing their piece of replica. Noob is the master of Rolex model, especially Submariner, GMT master II, Deepsea, datejust and recently the just made a new version of Day-date, Daytona, and Yacht Master. Some of those flagship are really good with superclone movement, and they called it as V7. Besides Rolex, Noob also developing some brands like some Planet Ocean Omega, Blancpain, some Audemars Piguet models, and some Panerai model. To see some list of replica made by Noob, follow this link HERE


Some people said that ARF is actually another division of J Factory who specialized on making some perfect Rolex watches on some particular models such as Daytona, Sea Dweller, Submariner and Datejust. It is probably right, however that is not the point. The point is most probably this factory is the best factory on making daytona series, perfect build, perfect details, with real 904L stainless steel material as genuine it is. In fact, i did some review on ARF build, and those are perfect. This factory is not focusing on the movement looks perfection, they rather use general good movement to support their perfect build, which is makes more sense instead of having perfect looks movement with low reliability in the future. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


When you see a bunch of the best Audemars Piguet replica, you must go to this maker. Almost all models of Audemars Piguet was made perfectly better by J factory compare to other factories. 15400, 15450, 15703 and almost AP models are perfect with this factory. Another flagship from this factory is Rolex Daytona and Yacht-master model with super clone movement. These rolex models you can not really compare who is better compare to noob, both factories made this Daytona and Yacht-Master Perfectly. Besides, JF also make some Breitling, Cartier, and some longines models. To see some list of replica made by J Factory, follow this link HERE


"Rookie" factory is probably the one that i want to dedicate to this factory. VS factory launched some high quality Panerai which I think better compare to other factories. First time launching PAM 441 with random serial of clone movement, this factory start to be known as good factory. After successful with PAM441, this factory launched another models such as PAM 320 and PAM 312, these are another success. The most shocking fact is when VSF made the most revolutionary movement on Panerai PAM 213 with real split seconds features installed on that replica. The build is so perfect and the features is excellent. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


Nowadays, this factory are really mastering on some Tudor and IWC Schaffhausen models. There are some flagship of IWC and Tudor from this factory such as Tudor Pelagos, Black Bay, Fast Rider, also IWC Portuguese model with perfectly well made. Z factory also make some other brands like Bell & Ross (flagship : BR 03/92), Jaeger Le-Coultre, and some Panerai models. This factory is really good on strap detailing also choosing perfect movement to support real power reserve on some Portuguese models. To see some list of replica made by Z Factory, follow this link HERE'


This factory is all of sudden come out from nowhere in the end of 2017 with perfection on some Rolex models, especially mastering on some real thick wrapped gold Rolex on Submariner Models. Far from those goldie things, We consider this factory as the best maker for Submariner 116610 LV especially on the green bezel color, this factory is spot on. However, VRF is not pointing their developent into the movement looks, they keep it reliable with general movement such as A.2824 or 2836 instead of SA.3135. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE

07. V6 FACTORY / V6F / HBB / KW

Firstly known as HBB factory long time ago just because they made the first perfect replica for Hublot Big Bang models, in other words, this factory are mastering on Hublot Big Bang models. Since the competition is very tight on replica industry, This factory start changing their vision to make another models and brands instead of 1. In fact after couple years, this factory is probably the most brands and models producer among other factory. Well made Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tudor, Omega, Zenith, Sevenfriday, Dietrich, Panerai, Patek, Tudor, Chopard, and obiousely Hublot. Some models are so perfect, but some are not developed quite a while. To see some list of replica made by V6 Factory, follow this link HERE


Specialized on some brands like IWC Schaffhausen ( Portofino and Pilot models ), Omega ( De Ville ), Patek (Nautilus Model), Longines, Breguet, A. Lange, and some Rolex (Cellini model). This factory was not quite agressif toward the market, keep slow, keep low but they always make some good break thru after a while. When you looking for some IWC Portofino, you have to choice except to choose MK made. To see some list of replica made by Z Factory, follow this link HERE


By making 1 revolutionary movement for omega Seamaster chronograph series, this factory has just popped out and lead the market on Omega replica watches. With fully function chronograph on Seamaster chronograph series, there is no doubt that this factory has already beat their competitor (JH factory) that previously made this model. With this factory, now you can enjoy better Omega replica especially on Seamaster and speedmaster chronograph series, with fully working independent minute and hour counter in one single sub dial. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


When you talk about Germany watches such as Glashutte, you can't go to other factory, you must go to this factory. Senator series as their flagship was successfully rules the market in 2016. They also make a good copy of breitling especially on Avenger models. GF also successfully selling a good replica of Cartier Drive model. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


We believe that XF is other name of V6F, however regardless who they are, they are really good on making some models like Tudor Pelagos, Blackbay, and also some Panerai models, Zenith and Omega. If you looking for some good Tudor replica, XF is better option for you. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


From nothing to something. This is the proper words for this Factory by their effort to get better replication. Start with IWC Portuguese 7 days models, this factory keep developing IWC Portuguese models. YLF is not the best factory for IWC Portuguese 7 Days models, but they made a breakthru by making IWC Annual callendar totally working well with the date, day, month and year features on the watch. Surprisingly, they made such complex watch with very affordable price. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


Those factories are only 12 main factory known in replica watches industry. There are so many factory around the market but i rather to put those 12 as the most famous one to make a perfect replic. The rest, i can named it like : AJ Factory, MP factory, H Factory,  PF, JH factory are also in the industry, however i ll consider them as a small factory. 

I hope this topic can help you guys to choose the best factory of the models or brands you want to choose from our website. Those factories have pro's and con's, have plus and minus. At the end, you can't expect replica as perfect as genuine. There is big price gap in between. Replica will always have a flaws, and you must accept those fact on replica. 



10 Recent Blog

by DTIME International on 02 February 2019

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section .Now it is 2019, I think it is time to make a summary of 2018. I know what you are really care about when buying a replica watch, you guys all want your replica to look closest to the genuine, so, today, I will publish an article about the top ten best-selling replica watches in 2018, they are also the best replica watches made in our market. This article will also be an ultimate guide for you to find the replica watch that looks closest to genuine. Let’s begin.


1.Rolex Submariner 904L Stainless Steel 116610 LN Black Ceramic Newest Noob V8S Best Edition on 904L Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

Rolex is the best-selling watch around the world, it is also the truth in replica watch field. Noob factory published V9 edition in 2018, which means this is the ninth time Noob has made improvement on this Submariner watch. Now V9 Submariner 1166710LN is made of genuine 904L stainless steel in case and bracelet, the bezel engravings are closer to genuine in color and thickness, V9 Submariner 116610LN has two movement options, Asia ETA 2836 and Super Clone 3135. V9 Rolex Submariner 116610LN from Noob ranks first in this top ten list.


2.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400ST.OO.1220ST.01 41mm Stainless Steel Case JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Textured Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A3120 V4 (Date Font Update)

Audemars Piguet is a famous sports watch brand from Switzerland. Royal Oak is their iconic series and is well-known among watch fans due to its octagon-shaped bezel. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 is the second best seller, it is the V4 edition from JF. 15400 not only has a top quality case finish, but it is also equipped with a super clone 3120 movement that looks closest to genuine AP Cal. 3120. The JF V4 Royal Oak 15400 has four dial color options, black, white, grey and blue.


3.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15703 Stainless Steel Case JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap A.2824 V9.5 (Date Wheel Update)

Royal Oak Offshore Diver 15703 ranks third. It is also made by JF, the newest V9.5 edition published in 2018. The watch is equipped with an Asia ETA 2824 automatic movement and one pair of rubber straps. JF makes the best AP replicas, you do not need to worry about the quality, it is superior and much higher than AP made by other factories.



4.Rolex GMT Master II 116710 BLNR Black/Blue Ceramic Bezel Noob V7 1:1 Best Edition on Stainless Steel Bracelet A3186 (Correct Hand Stack)

GMT-Master II 116710BLNR is always a hot watch made by Noob factory. Black and blue ceramic bezel makes it stand out among other Rolex GMT-Master II models.GMT function also works the same way as genuine. In 2019, Noob release on newest version for this model using 904L stainless steel material .


5.Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 43mm 2017 Baselworld 50th Anniversary Black Ceramic ARF V2 1:1 Best Edition 904L SS Case and Bracelet A2824 (Correct Thick & Material)

Sea-Dewller Single Red 126600 was published by Rolex in 2017 Basel, so it is a new face in our market. It was called “Single Red” because the SEW-DWELLER printing is in red on the black dial. There are several factories manufacturing the replicas of this Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600, BP, AR, GM and Noob. Among them, AR makes the best replica Single Red 126600, Noob also makes it, but it does not use 904L stainless steel like AR factory. BP version has the price advantage but it only makes mid-quality Rolex replicas. While GM is a new watch manufacturer, it does not have too much replicating experience. So, if you want a 126600 replica, just choose from ARF. Besides, this is the V2 edition they published, every detail has been upgraded.


6.Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Liquid Metal 1948 Ltd Edition Stainless Steel Noob V5 Upgraded 1:1 Black Dial on SS Bracelet A.2824

Noob made this replica several years ago, it was very hot once being published. But the watch often does not have stocks, you need to wait for a long time after placing your order. Now the newest edtion comes to V5. It has several things improved. The dial now uses ceramic material, liquidmetal bezel like original, date font is corrected to be the same as genuine. The case back has high quality engravings now. The replica Planet Ocean now is equipped with an Asia ETA 2824, this movement also has a high stability.


7.Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 116500 904L Stainless Steel Case Black Ceramic Bezel Noob 1:1 Best Edition White Dial on SS Bracelet A4130 Super Clone (Correct Thick)

What watch will come in the seventh? Yes, it is another Rolex watch, the Daytona 116500. A lot of factories has made this watch, but Noob makes the best one. Among so many replicas, I will choose this one from Noob, not only because this factory has the richest experience in imitating Rolex, but they use the newest 904L stainless steel on this replica 116500. Three subdials all work, the chronograph is fully functional.


8.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black-Grey Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap 324CS Clone (Correct Thickness)

The next three watches are all made by ZF. You think Patek Philippe Nautilus should rank at this position, but I do not agree. The replica PP Aquanaut 5167 made by ZF looks closer to genuine than Nautolus. This watch has several options in dial and strap color. This is a replica with a see-through case back, but ZF has used a Miyota 9015 as a based movement, to decorate the auto rotor and plates, so it has a very close outlook to genuine PP Cal. 324.


9.Tudor Heritage Black Bay 2017 79230R Red bezel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Stainless Steel Case on Bracelet A.2824 

ZF is the overlord in imitating Tudor Black Bay watches. This factory makes the best replica Tudor Black Bay. This one with a metal red bezel is the hottest replica among all Black Bay models. The following is its specification:

Movement: Asia ETA 2824-2 Automatic, 25 Jewels, 28800BPH
Case: 41mm*11mm, Solid 316L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Red Metal Bezel, Uni-directional Rotating Diving Bezel
Crystal: Sapphire, Dome-shaped, with Colorless Double AR Coating
Dial: Black Dial with Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands, Markers and Hands Have Golden Edge
Bracelet: Made of 316L Stainless Steel, Rivet Style
Water Resistant: 50m


10.IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese Real PR IW500710 V4 Stainless Steel Case ZF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial on Black Leather Strap A52010

This watch sells very well, a lot of clients from Australia and Singapore bought this watch from me. ZF made the best IWC Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve replica watch , first, the power reserve indicator is working, second, the power reserve has reached to be 3 days, although not 7 days like real, but the watch can work for you at least 3 days after being fully wound. It is a perfect dress watch for a lot of men who need to wear for a formal occasion. Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve has a lot of models, the dial has blue, white and black color options, the case has white stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold, while the leather band also has several choices in color. The following photos are showing popular model IW500710. It is the latest replica from ZF, with a super clone 52010 movement.




(Credit to : susanreviews)

by DTIME International on 10 December 2018

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section. Today I will show you the most hits from our website based on our statictic countre that we have in our system. This data is valid, and all statistic was exclude our IP address. The reason why we do this topic is to show you what is the most view products, brands, pages, search and videos in our website as your guideline what is our customer behaviour to see our products and pages.




NO 1  : Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black-Grey Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap 324CS Clone (Correct Thickness)

TOTAL VIEW :  11.092 HITS. After previous month Patek ZF on second position, now they already on first position on this month. it is not surprising for us if they are in number one now. They succeeded in defeating other factories such as V6F, PF, MPF, KMF. The best color and dial details, also super nice material finishes especially on the case. Cover with their make own Caliber 324CS super clone to replicate the looks and the thickness. Nice packaging, nice build. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE


NO 2  : Daytona Cosmograph 116508 18K Yellow Gold Case ARF V2 1:1 Best Edition Green Dial On 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet A4130 Super Clone

TOTAL VIEW : 10.284 HITS. If previous month have one of model from ARF with Daytona Cosmograph 116520 904L Stainless Steel A4130 Super Clone, on this month ARF have Daytona Cosmograph 116508 18K Yellow Gold 904L Stainless Steel A4130 Super Clone. Its the first 116508 model that use 904L Stainless Steel and cover with A4130 Super Clone movement. With green dial that different from normally Daytona model with black or white dial, make this watch has its own characteristics. Buy now HERE



NO 3  : Royal Oak 26510ST.OO.1220ST.01 Real Tourbillon Stainless Steel JF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial On Stainless Steel Bracelet Asian Seagull

TOTAL VIEW : 7.991 HITS. There is no doubt if talked about Audemars Piguet we choose JF (J Factory) who one of best factories on this brand. With 11mm thickness same as genuine like they claimed, and use Asian Seagull hand-winding tourbillon movement. You can make it as an option if you want to have different watches model. You can buy this watch model HERE



NO 4  : Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 Stainless Steel Case Special Build Upgraded 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Sail-canvas Strap A2836 (The Finest Replica)

TOTAL VIEW :  6.559 HITS.   This is not 100% factory made like what Noob and ZF did. This is special project, limited edition, and the idea is to make refinement on this models. We are the only store given privilage to sell this perfect iconic piece. A Group of watch maker sit together, tear the genuine apart and decide to make upgrade on several point. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 5  : GMT Master II 116719 BLRO Pepsi 316L Stainless Steel Case DJF 1:1 Best Edition REAL Red Blue Ceramic Insert Black Dial on Oyster Stainless Steel Bracelet A.2836

TOTAL VIEW : 4.082 HITS. The first two tone Red/Blue ceramic bezel made by DJ Factory, they are newest factory on Rolex models. You can buy this nice new Rolex model HERE



Above choices of our customer behaviour might be your guidance to choose which model will be your next order from our website. Apart from top hits products, we also have another statistic of our customer behaviour happened on November 2018 :



  1. REPLICA GUIDE : Top 12 China Replica Watches Factory :  14.779 Reader
  2. WATCH REVIEW : 5 Reasons why you should choose Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A-001 made by ZF : 13.301 Reader
  3. DTime International October 2018 Top 5 Hits ! : 10.594 Reader
  4. SPECIAL PROJECT : Refinement Blancpain 5015-1130-52 Closer Looks, The best Fifty Fathoms in the market ! :  8.608 Reader
  5. Looking for the finest Hermes Bags? Contact Us ! :  6.391 Reader



  1. ROLEX : 50.843 View
  2. AUDEMARS PIGUET : 34.882 View
  3. OMEGA : 23.791 View
  4. PATEK PHILIPPE : 15.082 View
  5. PANERAI : 12.119 View


I hope this topic can be your guide how to pick the products based on our customer behaviour month to month in our website. Everything have reasons behind, that it why those data i present is consider as market fact of how good and demandable those replica model are.



by DTIME International on 05 December 2018


Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....


Today we are very excited to have 1 of the most iconic model from Blancpain brands, Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 series. This is not 100% factory made like what Noob and ZF did. This is special project, limited edition, and the idea is to make refinement on this models. We are the only store given privilage to sell this perfect iconic piece. A Group of watch maker sit together, tear the genuine apart and decide to make upgrade on below points :

  • Bezel teeth shape and size on bezel is exactly same as genuine. ZF and Noob made is not the same size and details
  • Highly upgraded "Blancpain" side engraved of the case. This required extra attention to make such details and smoothness. The quality is far more better than other replica available
  • There is a gap between luminous insert and beszel saphire crystal. It should be like that on genune, while ZF and Noob make it stick to the saphire, with no gap in between
  • Dial marker are all upgraded with special treatment 3 dimensional shape, exactly like genuine. 
  • Special finished Sapphire without AR coated, but super clear as genuine. Just for your information that genuine is not using Anti Reflective as well, but quite clean. This replica is the best and closest one.


We will do comparison in the future between genuine and this premium build in our next blog. Now, you can judge all of these perfection by pictures. Please note, that this is actual picture taken from the unit. This is not genuine watch pictures. Here we go !


Again, this is not factory made replica, this is special project of some watch maker in China who dare to make re-finement on this replica model. This is the best replica of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in the market. We guarantee !



by DTIME International on 14 November 2018


After we run DTime International for quite a while, we realized that there are so many opportunities that we can offer to our customers all over the world. There are huge variety of products in China marketplaces that you could start to think running digital business with those producst in your country or even internationally. We faced the same problems when we build DTime International to get a perfect connection to China, and we believe you will face pretty much the same things. Here are some problems you will faced when you try connecting yourself to China marketplaces :

  • Finding the real reliable products with honest quality
  • Reliability supplier direct contact issue
  • Product certainty of availability
  • Payment issue to China supplier which required you to use Alipay, no protection on customer side
  • Warehouse arrangement for dropshipping business models
  • Shipping issue with no specific arrangement


Those issue will be your main possible issue that you will face. All you need is reliable partner / hub to support your business. And in fact, there are hundreds service provider that can provide you with this kind of service, but there are some limitatation :

  • They wont provide product hunting service. 
  • They have formal rules of fees, especially on warehousing fees.

Finally you will need personal partner with personalised and flexible services. Here we are, finally open new division to help you grow your digital business with perfect personalised connection to China marketplaces. We provides :

  • Product research and hunting as your requirement
  • Flexible price and quanitity
  • Wide range product choices that you can choose : Watches, Bags, Earings, Neckless, Rings, Belts, Wallet, Shoes, or any other available products in China marketplaces
  • FREE warehouse handling and storing
  • Flexible shipping arrangement. You can send to any of your customer in the worlds partially.
  • Dedicated personalised admin staff to handle your end to end process



  • Quantity of buying / bulks purchases. Our division will not handling retail purchases
  • Payment methods : Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Moneygram, Western Union
  • All inquiry will be customised and personalised by email or whatsapp

Grow your business now, and personalised your connection to China with someone can be trusted !




by DTIME International on 08 November 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section...


There are some factories recently making Patek Philippe 5167A-001 Aquanaut. The first good maker for this was V6 Factory (V6F) and was ruling the market for quite a while. After that MP Factory was following with pretty much the same details with V6F except the movement. After mid 2018, PF make a breakthru by making the same models with also armed with A.2824 movement just like MP factory. Suddenly on August 2018, KMF was in the market with the same model of production armed with Miyota based movement.  The strenght of KM factory is on the case shape perfection, very close to genuine.  Those factories are making some perfection on their 5167A-001 build. However, since the caseback is open, there always be a flaws on movement look, because they are using Miyota or A.2824 movement which clearly smaller compare to genuine patek calibre 324 movement.

Contributing to the competition, one of well known factory, ZF also make this Patek 5167A-001 with some more perfection to what is available from other factories as I mention above. Here i will give you 5 reasons why you should choose this Patek 5167A-001 made by ZF :





40mm case size, and 8.5mm case thickness is the genuine dimension. And ZF comes extremely match with what it should be :

When you talk about packaging, PF was leading the market with quite nice Patek paper box on every of their Patek build. However, ZF make even better with bigger hard paper box, complete with tags, as you can see below





The shape of the case especially from the side has been one of the issue when you compare other factories. However ZF made the shape even better on their build. 

The only issue is the crown size is still a little bit too big when you compare to genuine. Apart from that issue, ZF made the case perfectly on shape and case brushed finishes compare to other factory available.





As you know, Patek aquanaut has a very unique dial, a combination of block pattern dial with a very uniqe black to grey dial gradation. This is probably the hardest part to be replicated. Some other factory are good enough to replicate this dial, but ZF made even better especially on shiny effect under light circumtences. Below are some of pictures of ZF Patek Aquanaut dial :





  • By using the same Miyota 9015 movement based, ZF successfully created better looks and details to copy Calibre 324CS. The main plate movement is bigger compare to other factories, and this will create smaller gap between case and the movement edge, just like genuine.
  • All engravings on the movement are perectly replicated neatly by ZF
  • ZF using Platinum plated movement plate and rotor which is made according to the genuine movement, the best looking 324CS Movement (it is the only version on the market which has the same position of balance wheel as the genuine, High-quality polish finished and slim movement plate.)





As far as I can see, the date font size is bigger compare to other factories, and the font style is correct. 









by DTIME International on 05 November 2018

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section. Today I will show you the most hits from our website based on our statictic countre that we have in our system. This data is valid, and all statistic was exclude our IP address. The reason why we do this topic is to show you what is the most view products, brands, pages, search and videos in our website as your guideline what is our customer behaviour to see our products and pages.




NO 1  : Submariner 904L Stainless Steel 116610 LN Black Ceramic Newest Noob V8S Best Edition on 904L Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

TOTAL VIEW : 11.468 HITS. There is no doubt how popular Noob factory is. They keep developing some Rolex model especially Submariner model. Finaly after some delay for a while, they released the newest Submariner model after V7.They called it V8S version. This version already use 904L material armed with Superclone SA.3135 movement. For you who want to buy movement looks perfection and dial perfection. You must go for this newest version. Buy now  HERE


NO 2  : Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black-Grey Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap 324CS Clone (Correct Thickness)

TOTAL VIEW : 10.589 HITS. Every factory keeping up to make good replication to one of iconic Patek Philippe model ; Aquanaut. Some factory like V6F, PF, MPF were there in the market for a while on making this model. Suddenly ZF make a nice move by making this aquanaut model to compete. And their result is extra ordinary. The best color and dial details, also super nice material finishes especially on the case. Not only that, ZF make their own Caliber 324CS super clone to replicate the looks and the thickness. Nice packaging, nice build. Buy now HERE



NO 3  : Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m 42mm Stainless Steel VSF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on SS Bracelet 8500 Super Clone

TOTAL VIEW : 8.351 HITS. VS factory is known as the factory who always make super clone movement on every of their replicas. Firstly they made a breakthru on Panerai super clone movement, now they repeat their success to make Omega Co-Axial super clone movement. And the best move is that VS put their nice movement to the most iconic Omega model, SMPO. Now you can adjust the date as what it should be on genuine Omega SMPO. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 4  : Daytona Cosmograph 116520 904L Stainless Steel Case ARF V2 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On 904L SS Bracelet A4130 Super Clone (Correct Thick & Material)

TOTAL VIEW : 4.694 HITS.   2018 is ARF year on replica market especially on some high flying Rolex models such as Submariner, Date just and Daytona. I will say physically ARF is the best compare to every available factory in replica industry. On Daytona, they are focusing on dial details besides the physical build. And I will also say that ARF dial on Daytona is better compare to Noob. They are very consistent to choose reliable movement to reduce price while noob making it with super clone movement. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 5  : Navitimer 8 A17314101B1X1 Automatic 41mm Stainless Case ZF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial On Brown Calfskin Leather Strap A.2824

TOTAL VIEW : 6.119 HITS.  Wide range replica brands and models is what ZF aiming for. They don't want to be too focus on 1 single brand or models. People generally think that with this way, the result will not going to be perfect, because they must put their eyes to every of their watches. But in fact, not really that case. ZF build is very nice on every brands they make. And one of their good move this year is by making the newest Breitling model, Navitimer 8. And the result is also perfect. You can buy this nice new Breitling model HERE



Above choices of our customer behaviour might be your guidance to choose which model will be your next order from our website. Apart from top hits products, we also have another statistic of our customer behaviour happened on October 2018 :



  1. REPLICA GUIDE : Top 12 China Replica Watches Factory :  15.516 Reader
  2. WATCH REVIEW : New Version Rolex Daytona 116520 & 116500 by AR Factory :  13.787 Reader
  3. Vintage Premium Franken Build ; Is that worthy? : 10.245 Reader
  4. Understanding Shipping Process On Replica Industry ! :  8.741 Reader
  5. DTime International August 2018 Top 5 Hits ! :  6.655 Reader



  1. ROLEX : 55.188 View
  2. AUDEMARS PIGUET : 29.052 View
  3. OMEGA : 18.628 View
  4. PATEK PHILIPPE : 14.965 View
  5. PANERAI : 14.106 View


I hope this topic can be your guide how to pick the products based on our customer behaviour month to month in our website. Everything have reasons behind, that it why those data i present is consider as market fact of how good and demandable those replica model are.



by DTIME International on 14 October 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....


Today, I will do extremely different from our general topic. I will talk about Hermes bags and other leather goods from that brand. The reason is very simple, because there is high demand for this product / brand, but there are hundreds grades available in the market. Some of our customers were scammed by having lower grade instead of highest grades. 

The good news is, now we can sell to you all Hermes highest grade replica. Obviously these are not $100 Hermes replica. The price might blow your mind. some of them can even reach $5K (especially for genuine crocodile leather), but for genuine non crocodile leather it might only between $500 - $1000 depends on the product and size. 

Here are some points that makes this replica more expensive :

  • Crafted from genuine leather, not syntetic. Those are real Hermes material uses on genuine.
  • Half machine and half hand crafted on every piece. In fact, there are some fully hand made, not machine.
  • Complete sets : Box, card, dustbag, and paper.





  • We dont put these category in our website, because there are so many models available. So it will be manual order
  • Contact us by whatsapp / wechat / email / telegram, tell us the bags and model you want, and we will send you quotation / invoice
  • Payment method available : Credit Card, Paypal, Westen Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Skrill and Bank Transfer




  • These kind of product will always come with box, and it will be volume based shipping cost which is could be expensive shipment
  • Approximately between $100 - $500 shipping cost for 1 piece include box depends on the size of the box
  • Shipping without box is also available option to reduce the shipping cost.





  • Email :





by DTIME International on 14 October 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section....


Talking about watches will not going to be end line, there are so many thoughts filling the industry, every parts of the mechanical watches are presumably long to be discussed. Far from those techincal topics, "genuine vs replica" also has been never ending story to talked about, from price, perfection, version, factories etc. Replica recently getting better and better on replicating genuine, but there are some models that can not be replicated properly by replica factory. Those models are usually vintage models such as : Tudor Submariner Snowflakes, Old vintage submariner 5512, 5513, old vintage GMT 1675, and many other vintage models. 

There are some factories making some vintage models like daytona paul newman, vintage explorer and some other vintage. But those are far from perfection from the aging and details perfections. Some people willing to accept as it is, as the price is also make sense to the quality. But most of the vintage lovers are not happy with that and willing to spend more than thousands dollars to build a premium franken build to make it close to vintage quality with some genuine after market parts, and some of them willing to spend more money to buy genuine movement to support that build.





  • The first reason is scarcity. To find some particular vintage model in the market is very hard
  • The price is the other reason. Because some vintage watches especially from rolex are extremely expensive, as you can see below :

From those above prices, vintage freaks willing to pay $2K up to $10K to build such a perfect vintage watches match to genuine.





  • In order to build premium vintage watches, we can't use factory made replica main parts such as case, dial, or bracelet. Because the quality is not good, and the shape, thickness and finishes are not the same with genuine.
  • We will use genuine after market case/dial or a gen specs replacement case / dials / bracelet made by some well known maker like : Yuki, Cartel, Athaya, and MQ Vietnam. Those replacement part are 100% fit to genuine parts and movement. All details are correct as it should be. Even replacement case made by those maker can cost you between $700 - $1,500.
  • Oftenly use genuine after market parts like hands, dial, tube, crown and crystal. This is obviously expensive too.
  • Some of people willing to pay $4K rolex calibre genuine aftermarket movement to support their vintage build.
  • Manual aging process. To make it looks old, modder need to make aged finish on the hands, dial, case and bracelet. And it is 100% hand made.
  • Manual assembling and testing. We are not talking about mass production. Every piece of premium vintage build are 100% hand made job. 







  • It depends on how you see it. Physically it is no doubt, no one can spot physical premium build compare to genuine vintage.
  • Compare to genuine vintage price as i mentioned above, it is still reasonable price with such perfection
  • If you are the person who not really into vintage, you better stay and accept flaws made by replica factories.
  • This kinda build really pointed to someone really understand the vintage watches, the perspective, price and history of the watch itself. Obviously someone also have a "fat bold" pocket to spend the money
  • 2-3 month building periods is not short period to wait. So it need to be total understanding that building this kinda project is not easy. Parts need to be collected and some parts need to wait to fullfil. After that is aging, assembling and testing. So it is not a quick scheme watches. 









by DTIME International on 20 September 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section again...


Today we will do a super quick comparison on Case, Dial and Movement looks of one of the most demandable Patek Philippe replica, the Aquanaut. Recently there are new factory try to make a good replica of this Aquanaut model which are P Factory and KM Factory. ZF is actually on making process and I will compare later on after they formally release. 

The main spot of this model are : The dial pattern, color gradation, movement looks, and thickness. Most of the factory have around 10mm thickness while genuine is 8.5 mm. Suddenly one of the factory called KM Factory (KMF) just made a good breakthru on the movemen thickness. They are able to modified Miyota movement to be as thin as Calibre 324 Patek Philippe. Their result is around 8.4mm thickness which is extra ordinary.

Besides the thickness, we need to look at other part of the case, movement and dial. Let's compare which one is better between KMF and PF :



A : The thickness (from crystal to caseback) of genuine and KMF is very close. While PF still have thicker case compare to genuine which is around 10mm. KMF is only around 8.4mm

B : However the case height if you can see on above picture, PF is actually closer compare to KMF. KMF is thinner as total case height, but thicker on middle case height (B Mark)

C : Crown guard width of KMF is very close to genuine. PF still too wide. Also the shape of the crown guard is better on KMF compare to PF

D : KMF also have better upper case height compare to PF

E : Both KM and PF have bigger crown compare to genuine. But KMF even bigger. Maybe the reason is to make the setting activity easier, because there is so hard to do setting on small crown

F : The slope of the lug is better on KMF compare to PF




A : PF is better and closer to genuine compare to KMF

B : Patek gold engraves on the movement is better on PF compare to KMF. But still smaller compare to genuine. KMF engraves is way too small

C : The movement of PF is based A.2824 and KMF is Miyota 9015. Clearly KMF have smaller size of movement compare to PF. You can see the gap between movement edge and the case is bigger on KMF (C mark)



A : Date fond is bigger on KMF compare ti PF. But still need to be bigger compare to genuine

B : Swiss Made is there at 6 o'clock one KMF, none on PF

C : Patek Philip logo on dial is better on PF. KMF dial logo still to high, seems the font strached down.

Dial details is about the same between KMF and PF, but the black grey gradient is better on KMF. Hour marker have no big issue, both are quite good compare to genuine.



  • Case thickness overall win by KMF
  • Dial details overall win by KMF
  • Movement details overall win by PF





by DTIME International on 18 September 2018

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog section..


Recently there is a factory named VS Facotyr (VSF) known as a good maker of some Panerai now turn to make a best line up of some Omega Iconic models such as Aqua Terra, Seamaster Diver and Seamaster Planet Ocean. They decided this for a good reason, since in 2018 Omega release some new models and they quite ruling the market nowadays. After Aqua Terra and SMPO success, VSF now making new Diver 300m 2018 model with nato and bracelet option. This is very clever move from what I can see, because they know that Omega Diver is one of Omega icon since the beginning of the production. By being the first factory who made this newest model, VSF have a huge chance to win the market in replica industry.

Let see how good this model made by VSF in closer look each parts of the build

One of the strength of this models is the dial. The pattern is very uniqe with wavy dial. The combination of engraved and embossed in the dial part is very nice to see from different angle. And I will say VSF overall make this part nicely. Let's see it deeper :



  • Omega logo is perfectly placed. There is no size and shape issue, as well as the other lettering on Seamaster and Professional words. Those are well replicated.
  • Date wheel is perfectly centerd with proper correct frame, font style and size.
  • All other words at the bottom of pinion are well neat, precisely placed
  • ZrO2 is well engraved as genuine.
  • Most importantly the wavy dial is very nice replicated by VSF

  • What a perfect dial replication, all details are there with preise placement, and neat finishes
  • Hands and hour marker are another instrument to make the dial looks even better from particular angle.




The ceramic bezel is another strenght of this model. The shiny dial is just match with the shine of bezel insert. The bezel marker has been colorized with correct white color. By normal naked eyes they looks very neat, but when you zoom it, there are some rough painting on the bezel marker part. But it happen when you zoom it.

  • Both setting crown and Helium escape crown are perfectly replicated  from size and dimension.
  • The Omega logo and He logo are nicely embossed. There are rough things on this part
  • Found nothing to complain on this part, those are very nice and acceptable.




I don't want to talk more on this part. Because the strap is nato which very easy to replicated. VSF nato is very nice and flexible. And most importantly the hardware of the nato strap is engraved with Omega logo and letter.



Co-Axial 8800 has been replicated nicely by VSF. All the details of the movement are properly replicated with good finishes. This is not super clone movement, VSF use Asian 2824 movement as movement base, and they modify it to be close to Co-Axial 8800 with good decoration as you can see on above picture. Let's see it even closer :

Fortunaly i had a chance to zoom the movement part. First, the rotor texturized finish is very nice and neat. Also, the red lettering are perfectly well placed and well engraveds. You can see the sandblasted background is very nice, engraved with red Omega 8800 lettering.

Serial number are there red printed on the outter of the movement as well as 35 jewels words as you can see on above pictures. VSF is very serious on making good looking movement close to genuine. Because they totally aware that this model have open caseback / see thru caseback.


At the back of the lug, there are 3 engravings. And VSF replicate it with a good details. And also the outter caseback marker are there with perfect black painting. Even i zoom it, i can't see any rough part on the painting of outter caseback engravings.


Perfect luminous, very responsive towards  light sources, and it has 2 different colour of the lume. The minute hands and the pearl is greenish, an the rest is blueish colour. This is to make diver easy to notice the marker indicate their time laps under water with green mark.



  • This is the latest diver model, and it is good to have good replication from VSF.
  • Very reasoneable price to the perfection
  • Armed with Asian 2824 which known as very reliable and accurate movement in replica industry